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7 Questions To Change Your Deep Rooted Success Blocking Beliefs

7 Questions To Change Your Deep Rooted Success Blocking Beliefs Image
SUCCESS in doing something can only be possible if there is harmony between your conscious desire and the beliefs stored in the unconscious mind. If your DEEP-ROOTED BELIEFS disagree with what you want to do, they will serve as hindrances to your plans and the result is guaranteed failure.

All of us have our own set of beliefs which are stored in the unconscious mind. Most of these beliefs are imprinted in the mind when we were still very young. They serve as the framework through which we interpret all our experiences. They tell us what's possible and impossible, good and bad, or true and not true.

These beliefs are like tape loops, scripts, scenes, or applications that affect your computer/brain's performance. They are able to repeatedly influence and guide our imagination for many years telling us how we should see the world and behave in it. The French psychologist, Emile Coue, put it this way:

"Not only does the unconscious self preside over the functions of our organism, but also over all our actions whatever they are. It is this that we call imagination, and it is this which, contrary to accepted opinion, always makes us act even, and above all, against our will when there is antagonism between these two forces."

Self-Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion (1922)

As we grow older, we add more layers of experience that reinforce and strengthen our beliefs, but the memories of the original experiences get buried deep into the unconscious mind. The process makes it very hard for us to bring these memories back to the surface of our consciousness in order for us to apply changes in our beliefs.


"People who grew up surrounded by people (relatives, friends, teachers, etc.) who programmed them with positive and modifiable beliefs, have a certain advantage - or luck if you will - over those who did not. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that it is not possible to change or modify the beliefs we have acquired just because they are negative or limiting. Meditation, hypnosis, psychoanalysis, and cognitive behavioral therapy are just some of the methods that people use to summon up deep-rooted beliefs so that they can deal with their problematic and dysfunctional ways of thinking and behaving. One of the simplest methods that you can use is called introspection".

The inertia of introspection leads toward recollection, for only through memory is the past recaptured and understood. In the fact of experiencing and making the present, we are all actors. But in the lacunae-in the rare moments of sensory deprivation when experience in the present is a minimal thing, as on a long plane ride, or any indolent, self-examining trip-then memory is free to speak and call forth the landscapes of our striving in moments now past." - Terence McKenna, True Hallucinations (1993)

Introspection is the process of examining your own experiences or mental processes. It may not be as powerful as meditation and other comparable methods in giving you access to your unconscious mental processes, but it is effective enough in helping you determine and change your success-blocking beliefs. Basically, all you need to do is to probe yourself and find out if it is possible to achieve the goal that you have set for yourself. If you can convince yourself strongly enough that there is a possibility for success, then you will achieve it however difficult it may be.

Here are some of the questions that you may ask yourself:

1. WHAT IS YOUR PRESENT STATE AND WHAT IS YOUR DESIRED GOAL? - The first and most important step in changing your success-blocking beliefs is to define your desired state. Find out where you are in your present state and clearly describe what it is that you want to accomplish.

2. WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO PURSUE THIS GOAL? - Think about the result. For example, if you are working removing an addictive behavior, you need to figure out what you will do or what kind of benefit you will get after you eliminate that negative behavior.

3. WHAT KIND OF RESOURCES DO YOU NEED? - Identify the resources that you need, whether it involves other people, money, time, a lot of effort, etc., to get the result that you expect.

4. DO YOU KNOW PEOPLE WITH SIMILAR GOALS WHO HAVE SUCCEEDED? - Testimonials and vivid anecdotes are one of the most popular and convincing forms of evidence presented for changing other people's beliefs. You'll need this too if you want to persuade yourself into changing your own beliefs.

5. WHEN AND HOW DO YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOAL? - You need to discipline yourself by first stating how your goal will be accomplished within a certain method and timeframe. In business, this is called project planning. Setting realistic deadlines for yourself helps you avoid procrastination and following the methods of the successful people you have identified reduces the possibility of committing mistakes.

6. HOW WILL YOU KNOW WHEN YOU ARE ALREADY SUCCESSFUL? - Set useful targets for yourself so that you'll have something to look forward to and something that would indicate that you need not exert any more effort.

7. WHAT WOULD YOU BE LIKE AFTER YOU ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL? - As mentioned earlier, our beliefs influence our imagination and it is our imagination that shapes our view of the world. If you can imagine yourself being successful, then you are already half-way there.

When you ask yourself these questions upon creating your goal, your mind will automatically start the process of changing your beliefs. This in turn will affect the way you behave and see your surroundings. The unconscious mind will automatically monitor your behavior and give you corrective feedback that will keep you on track towards your goal. If you repeat this reflective process often enough, you will soon believe your own thoughts even if they are not true, at least for the time being. Your repeated affirmations will eventually break through the protective walls of the unconscious, and once this happens, you are well on your way towards success.

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