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Marisa Pheromones Encounter

Marisa Pheromones Encounter
My name is Marisa and I have been working for a textile company in the administrative side of things. My work is pretty practical and administrative. Just office work and some filing of paperwork for our company. I tend to flirt with a certain associate at times and enjoy my Fridays because we always hold a work event here. So, it is a good time to get to know other colleagues and workers. During this time, I noticed my friend and we began flirting as usual but I could never understand why I was always so attracted to him.

Several weeks passed by and he invited me over to his house for some drinks. I thought well this is not a bad idea, so I went ahead with it. I could not understand why I was so attracted to Paul. Paul is an average looking guy with a charming personality and seems to enjoy life very much. Although, I don't find him to be the best looking guy, there is something about him that just whistles my fancy.

As he was preparing the drinks, I asked to use his bathroom in his room and noticed these certain spray bottles. There were certain brands that he was using. They smelled pretty good to me at the time. I never really knew that men would use pheromones but it would definitely explain my overall attraction towards this average persona of a guy.

Afterwards, I didn't think much of it and proceeded with the rest of the night. The whole experience with him was quite intriguing to me. They say that a scent can leave quite an imprint on a woman's mind. For several month's this was the case with him. I felt that he just left such an imprint in my life. Was it the pheromones or a mixture of charisma and his overall personality?

Either way, there really has been nobody else that makes me feel the way that he does and this intrigues me. Pheromones may be the X-Factor at play here and if it was, I didn't mind one bit. I have heard about pheromones before but never in the grooming process of a man. I may just have to experiment with a female version one day and see if the effects are just as evident I experienced with him. Marisa from New York-



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