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I Have Really Mixed Feelings

I Have Really Mixed Feelings
I have really mixed feelings about NLP. My predominant sentiment is that its just so creepy.

Anthony Robbins is a master at manipulating a crowd and creating mass hysteria, and he sure can pump a crowd. He works people up into such a state that theyre going to feel great whatever he says, at least for a short while. But these techniques - which are very well known in social psychology - make me cringe. If you have valuable information to present, then you shouldnt need to use "psychological manipulation" to get your message across.

And it seems to me - admittedly no expert and quite prepared to be corrected - that his whole message could be summarised as 1) decide what you want out of life, 2) believe that you can achieve it, and 3) go after it.

One big concern I have is that people who are into network marketing (I dont want to start on that, but lets say Im far from a fan of MLM/NM) seem to love it, but they seem to go for years "improving" themselves, and very few of them ever seem to actually "achieve "anything tangible. Theyre always "in the process" of manifesting success, but I dont see too many results. And they use MLM/NM techniques to distribute the "free" seminar tickets, for crying out loud. And just the fact that somebody whod be attracted to MLM would also be attracted to NLP makes me highly suspicious.

NLP also seems to be full of pseudo-science, which I loathe. Statements like "quantum physics has proved " where the thing theyre talking about - such as thoughts changing reality - has NOTHING to do with quantum physics. NLP fans also seem to love Dr Emotos research showing that prettier water crystals form when you breathe on them saying positive words than negative words. PUH-LEASE! And many NLP practitioners seem to be right into other junk science like alternative medicine, faddish nutritional supplements, and organic food.

And of course, if youve been through the NLP training, Im sure youre already programmed to read my post and say "oh, shes so blocked and negative, Im not going to allow her negative energy into my thoughts". Just like cults say about "non-believers". It seems very cult-like in many aspects.

Now, thats a lot of negative energy that I have towards NLP. The "ONLY" thing countering all this negativity and arousing some curiosity in me is that I know a few people that I "really" respect who seem to advocate it. This intrigues me - these are people who seem to me to have no need for such a thing as NLP, as theyre already very successful. I have no idea why theyre attracted to NLP.

But perhaps there are some forumites out there who can enlighten me as to the attraction of these courses. perhaps Im really missing something. If I have it totally wrong, I apologise. Im not meaning to be offensive - just sharing my sincere perceptions, formed over a number of years of interactions with those whove participated in NLP training.



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