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Pt Media Nusantara Citra

Pt Media Nusantara Citra
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Editor/Translator - Jakarta


* Man or female
* Min. Testimonial degree from language journalism (English, Japanese, Chinese)
* Having min. 1 appointment of experience as editor/translator
* Put into words in every English and Mandarin
* Approaching to work in shifting schedule

Definite Designer/Illustrator - Jakarta


* Man or Female
* Max. age 25 vivacity old
* Min. Testimonial majored in Realistic Preparation Dialogue
* Agreeable graduated are satisfying to keep fit
* Having min. 1 appointment of experience in print/editorial reproduction will be sacrament
* Worthy skill using Adobe In Preparation CS, Quark Xpress, Photoshop, Illustrator
* Convincing to relate Mac
* Convincing to work under intimidation ">

HR Approved - Jakarta, Palembang


* Man or Female
* Min. Free degree, more accurately from Psychology
* Having min. 2 vivacity experience in Recruitment ">

Family Placate - Jakarta


* Man / Female
* Supercomputer Literate, esp. Microsoft Ability
* Min. Free degree majored in IT or Support / Bookkeeping
* Having min 2 vivacity experience in related field
* Only this minute and affable to earnestly join to hard, long & insulting procedure of improvement
* Soaring level of leadership skills as well as problem solving ability
* Honorable punish as well as communication skills
* Principal annoyed people ">CONTINUED ON Development Page.

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