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How To Be An Alpha Male

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There are a few easy to learn traits that all alpha males share! If you want to know how to become an alpha male then you need to learn these traits and have them become a part of your being!

Alpha males consistently get more and better quality women! They also tend to have better career prospects as alpha males are taken more seriously than their beta counterparts.

It is therefore very important that you know these traits, learn them and incorporate them into your life one by one. Some are easier than others to carry out, some will take practice. However, once you have them down, your life will improve in many ways.

In this article i'm going to explain to you a few techniques, both easy and difficult to help you become an alpha male, so let's begin!

Let's start by talking about one very easy yet very effective trait that all alpha males have in common. In fact this one is so easy that you can start doing it straight away and you will start to feel a difference in your confidence just by doing this!


Practice when you're at home watching TV! Lean back, spread your legs and drape one arm over the back of the sofa. When you're out at a bar it will be more natural. Never look as if you're apologizing for taking up room. SPREAD OUT! Wrap your arm over the head of the neighbouring chair! Then try propping one foot on the knee of the other leg. Don't cross your legs for heavens sake, but I would definitely sit like you're totally relaxed and in control.

This is very easy, very subtle yet incredibly effective! You can do it right now! In fact by doing this, people will be able to look at you from the other side of a room and they will simply naturally assume that you're a confident and happy guy.

Below is one thing that is common to many beta males and will give the game away straight away if you're not real careful!


Alpha males do not fidget! I assume you don't fidget when you're at home watching TV! If you do then you need to consciously work on stopping this. Think about what you're doing and stop doing it or it's going to be more intense when you're with your peer group. If you fidget when you're out with your friends then you need to try and eliminate these one by one. It's hard to look comfortable and in control when you appear so nervous to everyone around you, so you really have to work on cutting out the fidgeting!

Common types of fidgeting include tapping your feet, playing with your cell/mobile phone, putting your hand over your face and mouth and taking regular small sips of your drink just to give yourself something to do.


Perhaps the single most important of all the alpha male characteristics is the ability to lead! All alpha males are born leaders. But if you break it down and think about it logically, a big part of what it comes down to is the ability to organize!

In every group of friends there is always a leader which 99% of the time is the person doing the organizing! The guy who calls everybody up and tells you all when and where you're meeting...and everybody tends to follow this person! If there was nobody doing this organizing, then you would have no group, at least not for the times when nothing was arranged.

If you want people to follow you, then you have to lead first! You have to start organizing something. Begin with something small like arranging a night out at a local bar or club!

When people turn up, then you have to take it from there and continue to lead all the way through! In fact, your friends will be expecting you to do this! It may well feel very strange to you if you've not done it before. I used to constantly look behind me to check that my friends were indeed following me! The funny thing is, they always were!

If you expect that they will follow you and you believe it, then they will!

Women expect that men will lead! If you do not have the ability to take the lead with women, then you will not have women! It is pretty much as simple as that, so please make sure that you begin putting this very important alpha male characteristic into practice asap.


To have more attractive looking body language you need to study how alpha males sit or stand! Alpha males stand out in crowds because they always appear comfortable within their surroundings.

Even if you don't feel comfortable, you can quite easily project the look of being alpha and comfortable with some of the following attractive body language traits:

1. Look like you're totally relaxed when seated! Don't lean forward with your elbows on the table. Lean back with one arm round the back of the chair.

2. Widen your legs, take up space!

3. If you're standing then stand with your feet slightly further than shoulder width. This might feel weird at first but will give you a more secure hold and look of dominance.

4. Don't fidget! Find a place to put your hands in a comfortable way and keep them there. Fidgeting does not make for attractive body language.

5. When you're speaking to people, look them in the eyes with a non intense stare! Don't freak them out by staring intensely what ever you do! But your stare should be soft and with a slight smile. Holding eye contact shows confidence.

6. When you shake someones hand, giving them a pat on the back with your free hand is a subtle way of saying "i'm in charge here!"

7. When sitting down, I always prop one foot on the knee of the opposite leg. Whilst leaning back in my chair with my arm over the chair next to me, this looks very confident!

8. Your movements should always be slow and controlled. Never be quick to react to anything that may be going on around you! If you project an air of calmness, people will look up to you and wonder how you're doing it!

All the above things are very easy to do and can be done immediately to make you appear to be calm, confident and in control. All alpha males share these attractive body language traits which women find so attractive! If you're able to make all of the above alpha male tips a part of your self then knowing how to pick up women anywhere at all is not going to be a problem.

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