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How Do You Flirt Without Acting Submissive And Stupid

How Do You Flirt Without Acting Submissive And Stupid
Most girls I know will do almost anything to make a guy like them by giving him ridiculous compliments (';Oh, your arm is really big';) or playing dumb (';Oh, I don't don't anything about that';). How can I flirt with men while still acting mature, witty, confident and intelligent?How do you flirt without acting submissive and stupid?

For one thing, flirting isn't even necessary. If you want a caveman, go for that stupid stuff, otherwise be yourself. Start up a good conversation, invite him to the movies with your friends. My first real conversation with my present guy involved artificial intelligence and humanoid androids among other things. He invited me to listen to music in his car and we just messed around, poking each other and talking like friends do.

Flirting can be physical as much as verbal. Treat him like a friend and he will likely become a friend. That's half the battle and half the word (boyFRIEND) itself. You will have a hard time with a relationship if it's based on fake compliments rather than real friendship. Work on being friends first and if you both like each other, take it all a step farther.

Good luck!How do you flirt without acting submissive and stupid?

I always flirt by playing dumb and smiling and laughing just acting girly and very coy i dont speak much but i give them a sexy look and smile and laugh they just go crazy i never really have any intrest in them then they just find my number and harass me like non stop calling they dont get the idea. I dont even do that purposly thats just how i act

Ask them about hiking, swimming, biking, hunting, fishing, canoeing, and other outdoor sports and ask them to join you at some of them. Guys like to have the chance to be 1 on 1 with healthy, active girls, out of doors.

Flirt by using intelligience on a particular subject (one that he may be interested in that you know of too).

My flirting with my fiance started with video game knowledge. :)

Guess there isn't a way.



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