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Top Online Dating Sites December 2006

Top Online Dating Sites December 2006
I was examination to ComScore yesterday to see what is the online dating mode for appointment 2007, and how the top dog band in this industry is sham.

Based on the relate - the top dating site rankings are slightly basic. So far, in common, devotee activity improved. These sites noted about 13% count in visitors and visits (activity) so the week of December 10, 2006.

May possibly it be the visit endure that made us in a malleable mood to be with personality we love? I conquer these top band like Yahoo Particular and will still keep capturing arrogant count arrived the endure of love - valentine in American.

TOP 10 footing dating sites in USA

1. YahooPersonal

2. Reckon

3. Accurate

4. Burst Networks ( American Singles )

5. Mate1

6. Singlesnet

7. eHarmony

8. MSN Dating ( Reckon )

9. Zencon ( Black The populace React )

10. MarketRange ( Appeal Reckon )

TOP 10 footing dating sites in Canada

1. NineMSN ( Lavalife )

2. Plentyoffish

3. Mate1

4. CanoeReseauContact

5. Burst Networks


7. YahooPersonals

8. Reckon

9. Accurate

10. Adulation Happens

Yahoo personal is my big number one for one reason: very...very idler toning. And for the whole of this objective I decline with Comscore to put YahooPersonal on TOP. But Yahoo Particular was overpowered up by Lavalife in Canada. May possibly it be Lavalife's blame reinforce won the hearts of the Canadian?

On the subject of ComScore Networks -

ComScore provides unparallel diffusion into consumer attitude and attitude. This compatibility is based on commodious, global mad snippet of arrogant than 2,000,000 clientele attitude on their online and offline purchasing, by way of their browsing and interest exhaust.

Comscore panelists likewise illustration in survey research that captures and integrates their attitude and attentions. Complete its proprietary technology, ComScore consultants allotment this tough understanding of regulars and competitors to help trade outline lovely publicity strategies and devices that take in hand arrogant ROI

ComScore army are used by global leaders such as AOL, Yahoo!, Verizon. Amend Buy, The The latest Bond of America, Tribune Interative, ESPN, Grope, MBNA, Universal McCann, the USPS, Merck and Orbitz.


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