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15 Steps To Accept Myself

15 Steps To Accept Myself
The post 15 Steps to Accept Myself appeared first on Smart Relationship Advice. FIFTEEN STEPS TO LEARN TO LOVE AND ACCEPT MYSELF AS I AM. I have to hug the woman I am, love me, appreciate me and respect me. I leave behind my fears and insecurities, I am a woman, I am special, I can do something.15 STEPS TO ACCEPT AND LOVE MYSELF * I WANT TO HUG THE WOMAN I AM, LOVE ME, APPRECIATE ME AND RESPECT ME. I don't want to give importance to what others say or Opined about me, first I have to please myself and accept myself as I am. * I WANT AND I MUST FACE MY FEARS, ASK FOR HELP WHEN I NEED IT, because I know that although I am worthy of myself and am fully self-sufficient, a helping hand would be most welcome, and a shoulder to lean on would be much appreciated. * I have to start MAKING MY OWN DECISIONS AND CHOICES. I might be wrong many times, but so I can learn. * I need to LOVE MYSELF FOR A LONG TIME to learn to accept what I am and try not to change myself. So I also need to begin to know well both my rights and my obligations. * I MUST LEARN TO PAMPER MY BODY AND HEART. I have to take care of myself, and to talk with my inner self to arrive at the right decisions. * I intend to have GOOD RELATIONS with everyone around me, being a person with clear and well defined goals to have a clear path and to have something to light it. * I am a woman and that gives me the right to BE FREE. I CAN change everything that I do not like, and be happy. I can do it not because others say so but because I say so. I need to be a single body and soul to achieve a balance in my person. * I must BE CONSISTENT with what I do or say so people will respect me in my work and at home. I must appreciate all the good things that others do. I have to know my own limits and try not to stumble in life and learn how to say NO. I will not say something because I feel obliged, but because I feel like doing so. * I am a woman and must ACCEPT CHALLENGES. I must be an honorable woman and say when I disagree with those around me. "I have no fear of my words because I know through them I will be measured and be respected, trusting that if I respect others I also earn their respect." * " I have to say GOODBYE TO MY OLD WOUNDS and heal them to get me what life has in store for me. If someone was not good in my life, I should not consider it bad luck but as a step forward in my life where everything which is not good for me will be removed. Therefore, I can say goodbye to the past. * From now I WILL PLAN MY LIFE and my future in the belief that I deserve the best. I trust my intuition and act with wisdom to distinguish good from evil and do the right thing. * LIVE LIFE FULLY AND HAPPILY. I know that one will never think the same way as I do so I have to learn to accept them. Only then can I find peace and happiness. * SEEK HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS. I have to know who I'm giving my heart to so that both of us can complement each other and make each other complete. * I WILL NOT HAVE DOUBTS IN MY HEART. When the heart speaks, I have to listen. This doesn't mean that I will forget my mind, but let the two work together to make the right decision. * WALK WITH A SMILE ON MY FACE and have a good attitude and know in my heart that I am a valuable woman. The post 15 Steps to Accept Myself appeared first on Smart Relationship Advice.



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