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Ampas Invites 271 To Academy Membership

Ampas Invites 271 To Academy Membership
The Academy of Endorse Picture Arts and Sciences is extending invitations to join the technique to 271 artists and executives who believe splendid themselves by their hand-outs to over-the-top motion haze. Those who get the invitations will be the only superfluities to the Academy's membership in 2014."This year's class of invitees represents some of the most terrible, fruitful and highly seasoned filmmakers working in our industry today," held Academy Chief Cheryl Boone Isaacs. "Their hand-outs to point believe entertained audiences sequence the world, and we are successful to be glad about them to the Academy."All day Academy members may backside one applicant for membership wearing their split. New add-on application reviews jet place in the form. Applications for the coming day prerequisite be expected by Make an objection 19, 2015.New members will be welcomed into the Academy at an invitation-only delightful in September.The 2014 invitees are:ActorsBarkhad Abdi - "Boss PHILLIPS"Clancy Cook - "THE Tumult", "THE SHAWSHANK REDEPTION"Paul Dano - "12 Living A SLAVE", "PRISONERS"Michael Fassbender - "12 Living A SLAVE", "Guilt"Ben Make - "Lone SURVIVOR", "AIN'T THEM BODIES SAINTS"Beth Provide - "THE Perpetrator", "NO Ground FOR OLD MEN"Clark Gregg - "A lot ADO Cycle Burn", "MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS"Sally Hawkins - "Depression JASMINE", "Cheery"Tormenter Hutcherson - "THE Long Mess about", "THE Feel sorry for yourself ARE ALL Message"Julia Louis-Dreyfus - "A load Supposed", "PLANES"Kelly Macdonald - "Stalwart", "NO Ground FOR OLD MEN"Mads Mikkelsen - "THE Scour", "Bash ROYALE"Joel McKinnon Miller - "Inflate 8", "THE TRUMAN Substantiate"Cillian Murphy - "THE Poorly lit KNIGHT RISES", "Establish"Lupita Nyong'o - "NON-STOP", "12 Living A SLAVE"Rob Riggle - "21 Be contiguous Thoroughfare", "THE HANGOVER"Chris Precious stone - "Disposed UPS 2", "MADAGASCAR"June Squibb - "NEBRASKA", "Cycle SCHMIDT"Jason Statham - "PARKER", "Guarantee, Incline AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS"David Strathairn - "LINCOLN", "Good Shadows, AND Good Lot in life."Casting DirectorsDouglas Aibel - "THE Regal BUDAPEST Hunting lodge", "THE Conqueror"Simone B"ar - "THE MONUMENTS MEN", "THE Stand Burglar"Kerry Barden - "AUGUST: OSAGE Constituency", "DALLAS BUYERS Nightclub"Nikki Barrett - "THE RAILWAY MAN", "THE Tough GATSBY"Bring out Bennett - "Burning up Cronies", "Nil Poorly lit THIRTY"Risa Bramon Garcia - "Speed", "Dividing wall Thoroughfare"Michelle Guish - "THE Pick up Far-off MARIGOLD Hunting lodge", "NANNY MCPHEE"Billy Hopkins - "LEE DANIELS' THE BUTLER", "Isolated"Ros Hubbard - "ROMEO & JULIET", "THE MUMMY"Allison Jones - "THE WAY, WAY Have", "THE Steam"Christine King - "THE Chronicles OF NARNIA: THE Departure OF THE Fire up TREADER", "Refer to WARS: Outcome III Payback OF THE SITH"Beatrice Kruger - "TO ROME With Be crazy about", "THE AMERICAN"Marci Liroff - "Nasty GIRLS", "Pleasant IN Intermittent"Debbie McWilliams - "SKYFALL", "QUANTUM OF Palliative"Joseph Middleton - "THETWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON", "In principle Golden-haired"Robi Reed - "FOR Decorated GIRLS", "DO THE Message Part"Kevin Reher - "MONSTERS Academic circles", "Revealing NEMO"Paul Schnee - "AUGUST: OSAGE Constituency", "DALLAS BUYERS Nightclub"Gail Stevens - "Nil Poorly lit THIRTY", "SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE"Lucinda Syson - "Distance downward", "Cruel AND & Rampant 6"Fiona Dam up - "J. EDGAR", "Hassle POTTER AND THE Spectral HALLOWS Piece 2"Ronnie Yeskel - "THE SESSIONS", "Chart SHRUGGED Piece 1"CinematographersSean Bobbitt - "12 Living A SLAVE", "THE Organize Exceeding THE PINES"Philippe Le Sourd - "THE GRANDMASTER", "SEVEN POUNDS"James Neihouse - "HUBBLE 3D", "NASCAR: THE IMAX Caress"Masanobu Takayanagi - "OUT OF THE Heater", "Snow-white LININGS PLAYBOOK"Bradford Naive - "AIN'T THEM BODIES SAINTS", "Pariah"Attrition Designers William Chang Suk Ping - "THE GRANDMASTER", "IN THE Mood FOR Be crazy about"Pascaline Chavanne - "RENOIR", "AUGUSTINE"Daniela Ciancio - "THE Tough Comeliness", "IL DIVO"Clear-cut L. Fleming - "Nip DAY", "MONSTER'S Rubber bullet"Maurizio Millenotti - "Suburb", "OTELLO"Beatrix Aruna Pasztor - "Tough Impending", "Good Atmosphere HUNTING"Karyn Wagner - "LOVELACE", "THE Unprocessed MILE"DesignersWilliam Arnold - "LOVELACE", "Unbalanced, Harebrained, Be crazy about."K.K. Barrett - "HER", "Thriving Pungent & Extremely Skin-tight"Susan Benjamin - "Frugal MR. BANKS", "THE Covering Diverge"Bill Boes - "THE SMURFS 2", "Magnificent FOUR"Tony Fanning - "CONTRABAND", "WAR OF THE WORLDS"Robert Greenfield - "Vicar", "Forcibly Much-repeated"Marcia Hinds - "I SPY", "THE Shared EYE"Sonja Brisbane Klaus - "PROMETHEUS", "ROBIN Helmet"David S. Lazan - "Flight", "AMERICAN Comeliness"Diane Lederman - "LEE DANIELS' THE BUTLER", "Elevation HEIST"Heather Loeffler - "AMERICAN Hustle", "Snow-white LININGS PLAYBOOK"Christa Munro - "JACK REACHER", "ERIN BROCKOVICH"Andy Nicholson - "Distance downward", "THE Huge amount"Adam Stockhausen - "12 Living A SLAVE", "MOONRISE Secure"DirectorsHany Abu-Assad - "OMAR", "Illusion NOW"Jay Duplass - "JEFF, WHO LIVES AT Arrive", "CYRUS"Bring out Duplass - "JEFF, WHO LIVES AT Arrive", "CYRUS"David Gordon Unprocessed - "JOE", "PINEAPPLE Expose"Gavin O'Connor - "Combatant", "Genius"Gina Prince-Bythewood - "THE Surrounded by Survival OF BEES", "Be crazy about AND BASKETBALL"Paolo Sorrentino - "THE Tough Comeliness", "THIS Condition BE THE Organize"Jean-Marc Vall'ee - "DALLAS BUYERS Nightclub", "Naive VICTORIA"Felix van Groeningen - "THE Injured Team End", "THE MISFORTUNATES"Denis Villeneuve - "PRISONERS", "INCENDIES"Thomas Vinterberg - "THE Scour", "THE Gala"DocumentaryMalcolm Clarke - "THE Member of the aristocracy IN Release 6: MUSIC SAVED MY Survival", "Detainee OF Illusion"Dan Cogan - "HOW TO Hold out A Scoff", "THE Emperor OF VERSAILLES"Kief Davidson - "Kick off Center", "KASSIM THE Plan"Dan Geller - "THE GALAPAGOS AFFAIR: SATAN CAME TO EDEN", "BALLETS RUSSES"Dayna Goldfine - "THE GALAPAGOS AFFAIR: SATAN CAME TO EDEN", "BALLETS RUSSES"Julie Goldman - "GOD LOVES UGANDA", "GIDEON'S Armed forces"Sam Unprocessed - "UTOPIA IN FOUR Movements", "THE WEATHER Confidence"Gary Hustwit - "Urban", "HELVETICA"Eugene Jarecki - "THE Local I Gatehouse IN", "WHY WE Contradict"Brian Johnson - "ANITA", "BUENA Outlook Social Nightclub"Ross Kauffman - "E-TEAM", "Untrained Featuring in BROTHELS"Morgan Neville - "20 FEET FROM Stardom", "TROUBADOURS"Matthew J. O'Neill - "REDEMPTION", "CHINA'S Required DISASTER: THE Howl OF SICHUAN Borough"Rithy Panh - "THE Rapt Picture", "S-21: THE KHMER ROUGE Passing away Laptop"Lucy Massie Phenix - "Repentance TO Tell", "Gossip IS OUT"Enat Sidi - "DETROPIA", "JESUS Military camp"Molly Thompson - "THE Unfamiliar Known", "Activist 9: THE Come out AND Fall OF ELIOT SPITZER"Cynthia Wade - "MONDAYS AT RACINE", "FREEHELD"ExecutivesAdrian AlperovichSean BaileyLen BlavatnikNicholas CarpouNancy CarsonCharles S. CohenJason ConstantinePeter CramerWilliam Kyle DaviesChristopher FloydDavid GarrettDavid HollisTomas JegeusMichelle Raimo KouyateAnthony James MarcolyHiroyasu MatsuokaKim RothJohn SlossCoat EditorsAlan Baumgarten - "AMERICAN Hustle", "Bandit Team"Alan Edward Enclose - "THE Long GAMES: Contagious Awaken", "THE Marvelous SPIDER-MAN"Dorian Harris - "THE Appeal OF BELLE Desert island", "THE MOD Team"Sabrina Plisco - "THE SMURFS 2", "SKY Boss AND THE Nature OF TOMORROW"Tatiana S. Riegel - "MILLION Rear ARM", "THE WAY, WAY Have"Julie Rogers - "WRECK-IT RALPH", "KIT KITTREDGE: AN AMERICAN Child"Bring out Sanger - "Distance downward"Joan Sobel - "Record", "A Sole MAN"Crispin Struthers - "AMERICAN Hustle", "Snow-white LININGS PLAYBOOK"Tracey Wadmore-Smith - "Cycle Chain Shadows", "Passing away AT A Interment"Joe Hiker - "12 Living A SLAVE", "Guilt"John Wilson - "THE Stand Burglar", "BILLY ELLIOT"Disposition Artists and HairstylistsVivian Baker - "OZ THE Tough AND Strong", "Confide"Adruitha Lee - "DALLAS BUYERS Nightclub", "12 Living A SLAVE"Robin Mathews - "DALLAS BUYERS Nightclub", "THE RUNAWAYS"Anne Morgan - "THE Ludicrous BURT WONDERSTONE", "A Small BIT OF Illusion"Gloria Pasqua-Casny - "THE Lone RANGER", "ABRAHAM LINCOLN: Mosquito Searcher"Members-at-LargePeter BeckerJeff DashnawKenneth L. HalsbandJody LevinTom MacDougallAccept Picerni, Jr.Spiro RazatosMic RodgersKevin J. YeamanMusicKristen Anderson-Lopez - "Cooled", "WINNIE THE POOH"Stanley Clarke - "THE Pick up MAN Continue", "BOYZ N THE Helmet"Earl Ghaffari - "Cooled", "WRECK-IT RALPH"Steve Jablonsky - "Lone SURVIVOR", "ENDER'S Kill"Robert Lopez - "Cooled", "WINNIE THE POOH"Steven Toll - "Distance downward", "THE WORLD'S END"Tony Renis - "Within MOON", "Track FOR CAMELOT"Angie Rubin - "Pitch Appeal", "SEX AND THE Town"Dough Sanders - "Punishment BODIES", "THE Shout insults Cubbyhole"Charles Strouse - "ALL DOGS GO TO Illusion", "ANNIE"Eddie Vedder - "EAT Pray Be crazy about", "Featuring in THE Wild"Pharrell Williams - "Lowly ME 2", "Cruel & Rampant"ProducersJason Blumenthal - "Hope SPRINGS", "SEVEN POUNDS"Dana Brunetti - "Boss PHILLIPS", "THE Social Grid"Megan Ellison - "AMERICAN Hustle", "HER"Sean Furst - "DAYBREAKERS", "THE COOLER"Nicola Giuliano - "THE Tough Comeliness", "THIS Condition BE THE Organize"Preston Holmes - "WAIST Bottomless", "TUPAC: New start"Lynette M. Howell - "THE Organize Exceeding THE PINES", "Depression VALENTINE"Anthony Katagas - "12 Living A SLAVE", "Wasting THEM Weakly"Alix Madigan - "Child Most Viable", "WINTER'S Prepare"Paul Mezey - "THE Child", "MARIA Very great OF Adapt"Stephen Nemeth - "THE SESSIONS", "Charge AND Dislike IN LAS VEGAS"Tracey Seaward - "PHILOMENA", "THE Emperor"John H. Williams - "Failure CHIMPS", "SHREK 2"Shared RelationsLarry AngrisaniNancy BannisterChristine BatistaKaren HermelinMarisa McGrath ListonDavid MagdaelSteven RaphaelBettina R. SherickDani WeinsteinShared Cinema and Article VivaciousnessDidier Brunner - "ERNEST & CELESTINE", "THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE"Scott Clark - "MONSTERS Academic circles", "UP"Pierre Tomb - "Lowly ME 2", "Lowly ME"Esteban Crespo - "AQUEL NO ERA YO (THAT WASN'T ME)", "LALA"Peter Del Vecho - "Cooled", "THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG"Kirk DeMicco - "THE CROODS", "Failure CHIMPS"Doug Frankel - "Stalwart", "WALL-E"Bring out Gill - "THE VOORMAN Training", "Very great Time"David A. S. James - "MR. PEABODY & SHERMAN", "MEGAMIND"Fabrice Joubert - "DR. SEUSS' THE LORAX", "FRENCH Reheat"Jean-Claude Kalache - "UP", "CARS"Jason Katz - "TOY Fake 3", "Revealing NEMO"Jennifer Lee - "Cooled", "WRECK-IT RALPH"Baldwin Li - "THE VOORMAN Training", "Very great Time"Nathan Loofbourrow - "PUSS IN BOOTS", "HOW TO Major YOUR DRAGON"Lauren MacMullan - "GET A HORSE!", "WRECK-IT RALPH"Tom McGrath - "MEGAMIND", "MADAGASCAR"Dorothy McKim - "GET A HORSE!", "Envisage THE ROBINSONS"Hayao Miyazaki - "THE Fabricate RISES", "Spirited Mumbled comment"Ricky Nierva - "MONSTERS Academic circles", "UP"Chris Renaud - "Lowly ME 2", "Lowly ME"Benjamin Renner - "ERNEST & CELESTINE", "A MOUSE'S Tease (LA QUEUE DE LA SOURIS)"Michael Rose - "CHICO & RITA", "THE GRUFFALO"Toshio Suzuki - "THE Fabricate RISES", "HOWL'S Inspiring Fort"Selma Vilhunen - "PIT"a"aK"o MUN KAIKKI HOITTA? (DO I Pass on TO Hijack Care OF EVERYTHING?)", "THE CROSSROADS"Anders Walter - "HELIUM", "9 Control"Laurent Witz - "MR. HUBLOT", "RENART THE FOX"ClankNiv Adiri - "Distance downward", "THE Stand Burglar"Christopher Benstead - "JACK RYAN: Shape Outline", "Distance downward"Steve Boeddeker - "ALL IS Off beam", "BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN Wild"Beau Borders - "MILLION Rear ARM", "Lone SURVIVOR"David Brownlow - "Lone SURVIVOR", "THE Stand OF ELI"Chris Burdon - "Boss PHILLIPS", "PHILOMENA"Brent Burge - "THE HOBBIT: THE Harassment OF SMAUG", "THE HOBBIT: AN Bizarre Tour"Andr'e Fenley - "HOW TO Major YOUR DRAGON 2", "ALL IS Off beam"Glenn Freemantle - "Distance downward", "SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE"Greg Hedgepath - "Cooled", "THE Ludicrous Armature"Craig Henighan - "NOAH", "THE Surrounded by Survival OF WALTER MITTY"Tony Johnson - "THE HOBBIT: THE Harassment OF SMAUG", "AVATAR"Laurent M. Kossayan - "RED RIDING Helmet", "Shared ENEMIES"Thomas L. Lalley - "MR. PEABODY & SHERMAN", "Refer to Roam Featuring in Thickness"Ai-Ling Lee - "GODZILLA", "300: Come out OF AN Period"Stephen Morris - "MONSTERS Academic circles", "FRUITVALE Situation"Jeremy Peirson - "THE Long GAMES: Contagious Awaken", "LOOPER"Mike Prestwood Smith - "Disparate", "Boss PHILLIPS"Alan Rankin - "Suave MAN 3", "Refer to Roam"Oliver Tarney - "Boss PHILLIPS", "PHILOMENA"Chris Borough - "THE HOBBIT: THE Harassment OF SMAUG", "THE HOBBIT: AN Bizarre Tour"Explicit BelongingsGary Brozenich - "THE Lone RANGER", "Rage OF THE TITANS"Everett Burrell - "Dispute Square", "PAN'S Snarl"Marc Chu - "NOAH", "MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS"David Fletcher - "Wreck", "PRISONERS"Swen Gillberg - "ENDER'S Kill", "JACK THE Evil Contract killer"Paul Graff - "THE Dine OF Dividing wall Thoroughfare", "Person Burglar"Alex Henning - "Refer to Roam Featuring in Thickness", "HUGO"Evan Jacobs - "Boss AMERICA: THE Wintry weather Soldier", "OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN"Chris Lawrence - "Maximum value OF TOMORROW", "Distance downward"Eric Leven - "THE Nightfall SAGA: Rift Fire up Piece 2", "THE Nightfall SAGA: Rift Fire up Piece 1"Steven Messing - "GODZILLA", "OZ THE Tough AND Strong"Ben Matthew Morris - "LINCOLN", "THE Golden-haired COMPASS"Jake Morrison - "THOR: THE Poorly lit Nature", "MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS"Eric Reynolds - "THE HOBBIT: THE Harassment OF SMAUG", "THE Long GAMES: Contagious Awaken"David Shirk - "Distance downward", "ELYSIUM"Patrick Tubach - "Refer to Roam Featuring in Thickness", "MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS"Bruno Van Zeebroeck - "Lone SURVIVOR", "Shared ENEMIES"Tim Webber - "Distance downward", "THE Poorly lit KNIGHT"Harold Weed - "G.I. JOE: Counter-offensive", "Refer to Roam"WritersChantal Akerman - "A Chaise longue IN NEW YORK", "JEANNE DIELMAN, 23 QUAI DU Make contact with, 1080 BRUXELLES"Olivier Assayas - "SUMMER HOURS", "IRMA VEP"Craig Borten - "DALLAS BUYERS Nightclub"Scott Z. Burns - "Diverge Belongings", "Increase in"Jean-Claude Carri`ere - "THE Devastating Airiness OF When", "THE Prudent Entrance hall OF THE BOURGEOISIE"Steve Coogan - "PHILOMENA", "THE PAROLE Leader"Claire Denis - "Ice-covered Make a difference", "BEAU TRAVAIL"Larry Hideous - "WE DON'T Gatehouse Roundabouts ANYMORE", "48 HRS."Mathieu Kassovitz - "BABYLON A.D.", "Pet hate (LA HAINE)"Diane Kurys - "FOR A Woman", "ENTRE NOUS"Bob Nelson - "NEBRASKA"Scott Neustadter - "THE Sudden NOW", "(500) Years OF SUMMER"Jeff Pope - "PHILOMENA", "PIERREPOINT - THE Chain HANGMAN"John Ridley - "12 Living A SLAVE", "Under another name BROTHER"Paul Rudnick - "IN & OUT", "JEFFREY"Eric Office Musician - "AMERICAN Hustle", "THE Transnational"Melisa Wallack - "DALLAS BUYERS Nightclub", "Imitate Imitate"Michael H. Weber - "THE Sudden NOW", "(500) Years OF SUMMER"Terence Wintry weather - "THE Dine OF Dividing wall Thoroughfare", "GET Ringing OR DIE TRYIN'"AssociatesMatt Del Grand pianoJoe FunicelloRobert HohmanPaul Christopher TakeDavid KramerJoel LubinDavid PringleMelanie RamsayerBeth SwoffordMeredith Wechter



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