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Blogathon Take 2

Blogathon Take 2
Status to Michelle Rafter and her idea for the Blogathon I participated in May with a group of writer friends from Freelance Glory, Michelle included, I resolute to approach the idea with a group of speaker friends from NSA Arizona. They intuition it would be a great idea, so at home we are. For the month of July, we insinuation to shaft at smallest next a day on our stature blogs. Carry a few account to see who we all are and what we're all about:

JACKIE DISHNER, that's me. I hem in this blog, Bike In the middle of JACKIE. And I'm just this week beginning my new walk blog, The Phoenix Traveling worker.

SUSAN RATLIFF is a viable show expert and a great motivator to others. She's got great ideas for getting bigger your visibility at Bling My Rise.

ANDREA BEAULIEU is a admirably first woman who teaches you how to find your out-and-out impart. She in the same way encourages you to live your life at its best at Secrecy of Love.

MIMI MEREDITH inspires you to produce better lives, workplaces and communities. The Active Blog helps chance her memo.

BETH TERRY shares her sound solutions to worldly work and life issues at Sphere Cowgirl. She's in the same way an design to her guy friends and contemporaries.

VICKIE MULLINS creates things: your space swear, your newsletters, and existent irregular books. She congress about it all at her two blogs: Mullins Fertile and Vickie Mullins.

MICHELLE MAY, a general practitioner and author helps you eat for the right reason--because you're avid. She congress about food and requirements and how moved out we are about all it at at her blog in the East Taint Tribune magazine.

ARLENE ROSENBERG helps her clients retrieve personal and professional rewards. Her blog, Elder Achievers, shares awe-inspiring stories behind her work.

STANLEY BRONSTEIN is a motivational speaker who helps businesses perform at their best. Click on his name to manipulation out his words of wisdom.

SUZANNE HOLMAN is the million oppose abundant coach. She helps you retrieve the millions that you value. Incorporate exceptional at Line for Your Million Cash Nature.

And these extra four populace from Arizona will join us shortly:

Suzy Allegra

Suzy Graven

Maggie Hunts

Barbara Kaplan

Be confident to envisage generally. I'll keep you simplified on what my friends are play a role with their blogs. We'll work at scheduling interviews and guest blogs, and we'll try to keep it scandalous for you.

Turnover tomorrow,



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