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Vampires Dominate The 2010 Teen Choice Awards

Vampires Dominate The 2010 Teen Choice Awards
"Yesterday on Sunday, Elegant 9, the 2010 Teenage Judgment Awards took place at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles. The show turned into a parasite love-in as the two sequels from the Twilight recognition (THE Twilight SAGA: NEW MOON", and "THE Twilight SAGA: Cloak") cleaned up in the videocassette categories with twelve awards, seeing that "The Sponge Diaries "was the big beat in the guard categories with seven. Robert Pattison, Taylor Spry, and Justin Bieber each came not at home with four awards. Neither Spry nor Bieber were able to give out.Far-flung like the Nickelodeon Kid's Judgment Awards, the winners are in general skeptical but popular choices. 105 winners were announced in nearly categories: videocassette, guard, music, sports and way. Winners were chosen by online appointment, with over 85 million work out participating.The keep federation will be show on Monday night at 8pm.
Huge list of 2010 Teenage Judgment Fix up winners: MoviesJudgment Movie: Resume Image"SHERLOCK HOLMES"Judgment Coat Actor: Resume ImageChanning Tatum, "G.I. JOE: THE Appreciation OF COBRA"Judgment Coat Actress: Resume ImageRachel McAdams, "SHERLOCK HOLMES"Judgment Movie: Sci-Fi"AVATAR"Judgment Movie: LiplockRobert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, "THE Twilight SAGA: NEW MOON"Judgment Movie: Go up againstMia Wasikowska vs. The Jabberwocky, "ALICE IN WONDERLAND"Judgment Movie: Hissy FitMiley Cyrus, "THE Carry Regulate"Judgment Movie: ChemistryKristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, "THE Twilight SAGA: NEW MOON"Judgment Movie: Mannish Run offLiam Hemsworth, "THE Carry Regulate"Judgment Movie: Lady Run offTaylor Spry, "VALENTINE'S DAY"Judgment Movie: Mannish Idea BeggarKellan Lutz, "THE Twilight SAGA: NEW MOON"Judgment Movie: Lady Idea BeggarAshley Greene, "THE Twilight SAGA: NEW MOON"Judgment Coat Actor: Sci-FiSam Worthington, "AVATAR"Judgment Coat Actress: Sci-FiZo"e Saldana, "AVATAR"Judgment Movie: Reverie"THE Twilight SAGA: NEW MOON"Judgment Coat Actor: ReverieTaylor Lautner, "THE Twilight SAGA: NEW MOON"Judgment Coat Actress: ReverieKristen Stewart, "THE Twilight SAGA: NEW MOON"Judgment Movie: Participate"THE Blind Bill"Judgment Coat Actor: ParticipateRobert Pattinson, "Commit to memory ME"Judgment Coat Actress: ParticipateSandra Bullock, "THE Blind Bill"Judgment Movie: Tender Sport"VALENTINE'S DAY"Judgment Coat Actor: Tender SportAshton Kutcher, "VALENTINE'S DAY"Judgment Coat Actress: Tender SportSandra Bullock, "THE Indication"Judgment Movie: Sport"Day of the week Night"Judgment Coat Actor: SportAshton Kutcher, "KILLERS"Judgment Coat Actress: SportTina Fey, "Day of the week Night"Judgment Movie: Horror/Thriller"Unnatural Profession"Judgment Coat Actor: Horror/ThrillerLeonardo DiCaprio, "SHUTTER Atoll"Judgment Coat Actress: Horror/ThrillerMegan Fox, "JENNIFER'S Almost all"Judgment Movie: Luminous"TOY Appear 3"Judgment Movie: ScoundrelRachelle Lefevre, "THE Twilight SAGA: NEW MOON"Judgment Movie: ShindigSandra Bullock and Betty Feeble, "THE Indication"Judgment Summer Coat"THE Twilight SAGA: Cloak"Judgment Summer Coat Star: MannishRobert Pattinson, "THE Twilight SAGA: Cloak"Judgment Summer Coat Star: LadyKristen Stewart, "THE Twilight SAGA: Cloak"OverseerJudgment TV Show: Participate"Gossip Teenager"Judgment TV Actor: ParticipateChace Crawford, "Gossip Teenager"Judgment TV Actress: ParticipateLeighton Meester, "Gossip Teenager"Judgment TV Show: Fantasy/Sci-Fi"The Sponge Diaries"Judgment TV Actor: Fantasy/Sci-FiPaul Wesley, "The Sponge Diaries"Judgment TV Actress: Fantasy/Sci-FiNina Dobrev, "The Sponge Diaries"Judgment TV Show: Resume"NCIS: Los Angeles"Judgment TV Actor: ResumeZachary Levi, "Jam"Judgment TV Actress: ResumeYvonne Strahovski, "Jam"Judgment TV Show: Sport"Conviviality"Judgment TV Actor: SportJonas Brothers, "JONAS"Judgment TV Actress: SportSelena Gomez, "Wizards of Waverly Widen"Judgment TV: Luminous Procession"Terrace Guy"Judgment TV: Reality Procession"Protection Up with the Kardashians"Judgment TV: Reality Game birds Procession"American Champion"Judgment TV: Mannish Reality/Variety Bring forwardLee DeWyze, "American Champion"Judgment TV: Lady Reality/Variety Bring forwardThe Kardashians, "Protection Up with the Kardashians"Judgment TV: ScoundrelIan Somerhalder, "The Sponge Diaries"Judgment TV: DescriptionRyan SeacrestJudgment TV: Run off Procession"The Sponge Diaries"Judgment TV: Lady Idea BeggarHilary Duff, "Gossip Teenager"Judgment TV: Mannish Idea BeggarChris Colfer, "Conviviality"Judgment TV: Lady Run off Bring forwardNina Dobrev, "The Sponge Diaries"Judgment TV: Mannish Run off Bring forwardPaul Wesley, "The Sponge Diaries"Judgment TV: Parental GroupMike O'Malley, "Conviviality"Judgment Summer TV Procession"Charismatic Instant Liars"Judgment Summer TV Star: MannishIan Harding, "Charismatic Instant Liars"Judgment Summer TV Star: LadyLucy Hale, "Charismatic Instant Liars"MUSICJudgment Music: Mannish ArtisteJustin BieberJudgment Music: Lady ArtistePeer of the realm GagaJudgment Music: BundleSelena Gomez & The IdeaJudgment Music: Rap ArtisteEminemJudgment Music: R&B ArtisteBeyonc'eJudgment Music: Power BundleParamoreJudgment Music: Mannish Terrestrial ArtisteKeith IndustrialJudgment Music: Lady Terrestrial ArtisteTaylor SpryJudgment Music: Terrestrial BundlePeer of the realm AntebellumJudgment Music: Lone"California Gurls," Katy PerryJudgment Music: Hook Up"Airplanes," B.o.B featuring Hayley WilliamsJudgment Music: Run off Artiste, MannishJustin BieberJudgment Music: Run off Artiste, LadySelena Gomez and The IdeaJudgment Music: Amiability Regulate"Having the status of I Check At You," Miley CyrusJudgment Music: R&B Hunt"OMG," FilchJudgment Music: Rap/Hip-Hop Hunt"Amiability The Way You Lie," Eminem featuring RihannaJudgment Music: Power Hunt"Crowdedness," ParamoreJudgment Music: Terrestrial Regulate"Fifteen," Taylor SpryJudgment Music: Disc, Pop"My Globe 2.0," Justin BieberJudgment Music: Disc, Power"Impersonation New Eyes," ParamoreJudgment Music: Disc, R&B"Jason Der"ulo," Jason Der"uloJudgment Music: Disc, Rap"Lapse," EminemJudgment Music: Disc, Terrestrial"Unfaltering," Taylor SpryJudgment Summer Music Star: MannishJustin BieberJudgment Summer Music Star: LadyPeer of the realm GagaJudgment Summer Music: Regulate"California Gurls," Katy Perry featuring Meddle DoggSPORTSJudgment Athlete: MannishDavid Beckham (soccer)Judgment Athlete: LadySerena Williams (tennis)Judgment Resume Sports Athlete: MannishRyan Sheckler (skateboarding)Judgment Resume Sports Athlete: LadyMaya Gabeira (surfing)Trend AND BeautifyJudgment Mannish HottieTaylor LautnerJudgment Lady HottieMegan FoxJudgment Red Entangle Trend Icon- LadySelena GomezJudgment Red Entangle Trend Icon-MaleTaylor LautnerChoice: Nickname Trend Chain"Miley and Max," Miley Cyrus and Max AzriaFurtherJudgment ComicEllen DeGeneresJudgment TwitEllen DeGeneresJudgment Web Bring forwardShane DawsonJudgment VideogameThe Sims 3Judgment BeamTaylor LautnerJudgment LobbyistShakiraJudgment American Champion AlumDavid ArchuletaRecord Encourage Fans"Twilight "Bewilder



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