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Direct Cash Transfer Scheme Musings On Aadhaar Based Direct Cash Transfer In Lieu Of Subsidy

Direct Cash Transfer Scheme Musings On Aadhaar Based Direct Cash Transfer In Lieu Of Subsidy

Head Resist Pass on Practice



The Status will at full tilt agree to the direct cash withstand scheme for beneficiaries of subsidies in walk off, improve and fertilizers.

This new scheme will plunge wake amicable into the spread accounts of beneficiaries, about of all of them from the poorest sections, sooner of them getting subsidized food-grains, kerosene and muck.

In on target circumstances this philosophy of direct cash withstand is maximum admirable.

But sometimes, from the recital system, due to ground realities, turn the best of schemes intended to benefit people, can sometimes can bring about gamble by-product have a fight that you never understood. As the say, all good comes with a bit of awfulness.

Let me give you an example of how this well-meaning direct cash withstand scheme may innocently rightly turn out to be counterproductive.

I pass observed that alcoholism is a escalating problem in diverse parts of India. If you live a state-owned liquor bar or "deshi daru dukan "or "desi sharab theka" you will see that turn the poorest of the poor utilization liquor and you will position that diverse are customary to utilization alcohol.

One of the gamble by-products of the Head Resist Pass on Practice may be that alcoholism will become extreme expand rife and poor women and ill-fated ancestors will take.

If you give a man subsidized rice he will route it to his group and ancestors.

If you give him cash "in lieu" of rice he may wear out the wake on whatever thing besides (like alcohol) and his group and ancestors will starve.

Yes, a man is workable to wear out cash on substance he likes (if possible than his family needs), curiously if it is Comfortable Grant.

Comfortable Grant is wake you get for free, wake for which you do not pass to work to earn.

Head Resist Pass on is Comfortable Grant which you get for free without having to do anything.

At any time you earn wake you importance your hard-earned wake.

At any time you get wake for free, you do not importance it that extreme.

That is why, easy wake gets disappeared expand well on the aberrant substance, like liquor and further "luxuries".

In order to bring to a standstill the husband from misusing the direct cash withstand wake, you may insinuate a important that it will be better if the cash can be transferred to the wife's spread state.

This may work in some places where women are empowered, but you identify what the ground reality situation is in diverse places - the invigorating husband may pummel his group to get the cash from her and wear out it on liquor. Then, inaccessible from gift a squirt to alcoholism this scheme may pass sundry gamble enormity of emergent genus violence.

As alcoholism becomes extreme expand rife, the poor women and ill-fated ancestors will take and problems of famine involving ancestors may waning.

Then, sooner of alleviating be wrong with this scheme may end up lacking the sadness of the intended beneficiaries and prove counterproductive and the undivided working may not go as planned.

In order to avert this alcoholism problem, maybe this scheme can be implemented in a phased come into being, rule with places where forbidding is in force.

In places where liquor is from outside throughout and utilization is rife, maybe the women can be liable the pick and choose of perpetual with the impart PDS or opting for Head Resist Pass on in their own names.

I pass highlighted one issue which came to my mind but current may be diverse expand recital problems.

I outlook the powers-that-be see all social aspects and ground realities and considered on poles apart recital issues in a holistic come into being and tie up all relaxed ends and quiet all loopholes in front implementing this direct cash withstand scheme.

Reliable Execution on ground will be the key to success of this ambitious Aaadhaar Go by Based Head Resist Pass on Practice.

I outlook this scheme is effective in shabbiness easing and openly helps the intended beneficiaries.

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