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Nlp A Wealth Of Confidence

Nlp A Wealth Of Confidence
Did you know by using NLP you can and probably will become more confident ? Chances are you have a certain amount of confidence right now....

It can be that the confidence you do have is not positioned in the most useful slot.. i.e:

"I am am sure I do not have any confidence"

"I know for sure I do not have enough confidence"

"I know I can improve on my Confidence Levels"

Are demonstrations of Great Confidence.. In the area of not having enough confidence.

Confidence is a Structure of Thinking, a Pattern, a Sequence of behaviour, a Habit.

So it is not that you do not have enough confidence, it may be that you would like to expand your use of Confidence to other areas of your life that you Believe you can Improve on.

We all have things at in which we feel stronger at than others. Perhaps it even boils down to exposure, we may find a certain thing easier than another.

A person may be more confident in Dancing than Algebra or Vice versa.

Thinking about How you may not yet be especially good at a certain thing, can make it worse because we may begin to focus on our Lack of Exposure and eventually Feel bad and say unkind words in our heads that scare us.

We may even sort for other things we have little exposure to and begin to bundle the whole lot into a ball and begin to loose respect for ourselves in general and make the "Lack" Bigger than the Things we feel confident at.

Sometimes we can amplify and distort our perceptions to the point that they become "Giants" and seem to be the only relevant issue.. We may super size them so much that they take up all our Vision and we cannot see past them. We make become "Stuck" or Depressed in these Distortions. They may "Consume us" or "preoccupy" our minds

These Distortions are "Mangled Beliefs", which have become Larger than Life and grown legs, our Imagination has created monsters out of them and they can become stronger as we focus on a lack of resources and set a sequence of Internal Dialogue on Auto play.

The more we think about them, the worse we can feel until it can grow and grow and grow... even to the point of a Phobia in some cases.

Does this sound familiar ?

The Pictures and Words in detail create very distinct shifts in our perceptions, the way we communicate to ourselves affect our Moods.

We can alter Submodalities and change the way we are perceiving the current experience, we can improve the way we are feeling instantly.

For example if your thoughts become larger than life begin to close your eyes and visualise how they play out and what picture story boards you are creating, it is fun to make them much smaller and Far away and notice how this impacts your Feelings about stuff you are Good at.

What about Making Brand New Pictures:

What Would you Look Like if you were Confident

What are you doing

What are you wearing

Where are you

Who is with you

What are they saying

What Tonality, Rate and Pitch works for you Find it and Use it

See People admiring you ( If that is important to you)

Include the Bottom Line end results of what you expect to Gain

Have Fun making adjustments just for the heck of it

Keep Going until the Feelings Change for the better and stick

See, Hear, Feel yourself with it... Step into the Technicolour, Feature, Length, Wide screen, Movie in surround sound of you being Confident and make it larger than Life.

Make yourself Large and a Person or situation you Fear Tiny Tiny and Peer Down at them as if from a Tall Mountain Richard Bandler says You should Visualise yourself as a Puma and Say "YOUR ARSE IS MINE"....

Or Hear A Massive and Powerful Choir chanting your words when you speak or move.

You can create a Theme Song for yourself Every Time you Move you should Hear it... what about Jaws that changes things doesn't it !

Or One of my Personal Favs "Rocky" Gonna Fly Now !

There are lots of things you can do to feel better in any situation and especially with NLP.

If you consider A lack of confidence is a Belief, and Your pain or Pleasure will come from how you have put that belief together.

The structure of the belief if you like, has to do with:

What a person said at a significant time,

How it influenced you,

How you Felt in that moment

Why you experienced this Feeling

What you saw, smelled, Heard

What that reminded you of and triggered

The words and pictures you made inside after that,

What that reminded you of and more

Hay Presto........ what a Mess tho !

It is super cool to know that your Beliefs are Opinions and everyone has their own, so yours can be adjusted until they work toward getting what you want instead of adding to your unhappiness.

NLP is like a recipe Book for playing with Beliefs, Perceptions, Values and how all these things are being processed by a person, at any given time.

There are several patterns we can use to change specific perceptions, and depending on your own unique experience is how I would decide which one to use, sometimes you may need to use several and quickly.

Sometimes I Jumble and twist Patterns from the script, just because NLP is about Subjective experience as we are all wired differently and there are many factors that make up your unique Map of the world.

Step into a pattern that works for you.

NLP has an Arsenal of Techniques for all kinds of categories if you would like to learn more about NLP and how it can help in your own life I am happy to consult with you private and confidential.

NLP is Fun in Las Vegas

In the meantime I look forward to your comments, questions and opinions.


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