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Snow Man The Pilot Of A Ufo

Snow Man The Pilot Of A Ufo
Snow man - the burden of a UFO?

How can grant be a connect amongst the abominable snowman and UFOs? This issue definite give rise to offended "snort" from the true kriptozoologov, and their reply will be glaring and open - NO! Static, grant are people who directly the conflicting, and we neediness at least possible chill to their arguments and try to doll out if any of them have at least possible some thanks.

Imprecise streak of trees

A common supporter in the Joined States bigfutov Edward B'ilek conjoin that the intellect for the snowstorm man absentmindedness lies in its close connection with the UFO business. B'ilek first met with the feeling of their research for higher than 20 years ago in Kansas so he was a apprentice of make well. From Edward fuppoy their colleagues went on a camping escape. In advance going to bed, ahead of late in the nightfall, B'ilek went on to need a couple of dozen meters from the camp and in the blink of an eye saw connecting the trees ofomny unsure streak of a sagacity.

Of flood, the first body he thought that this is a espousal. Troop told him about how bears are conjoin to begin to hoof marks the fleeing men, it is B'ilek, no matter what the fear, not rushed to escape, but was missing standing on the showground. But it is not saved, the monster began pitilessly approaching. Line fire, boiling in the camp, exactly sanctioned the young man higher or less deliberate in-blizhe-yuscheesya sagacity. This was not a espousal, but some hellish variety of human and monkey!

"The nature of it was about two meters growth - for that reason remembered B'ilek. - Imprudent glowering blur totally covers his body. Equally I prismotrelsya, I was struck by the bearing of his facade. I realized that for me is not an bestial, as well as look at the strange origination of a vivid and as a "apprentice." In the function of B'ilek bigfut and saw each erstwhile, the guys in the camp long anxious the lack of Edward, and went for him. Voices and the cry out of steps, evidently rattled the cavernous for one person, he turned abruptly and in the glowering.

This meeting is so struck by Edward, which, durable becoming a doctor, he used up his free time, study the business of the snowstorm man. He managed to gather higher verification about bigfutah on the trigger of which he made slightly an real McCoy suspension, the manifestation of Gomi-noidov any way tied with... UFO.

The highest real McCoy "paratrooper"

Unequivocally fixed with his chest, which B'ilek told his friend Louis Kirk, the proprietor of a small magnitude hostels. By describe Kirk told that he saw a real flying saucer, which, he thought, "desantirovala" bigfuta to the showground. It happened offspring ufom, Louis motivated enraged barking of dogs. He looked out the legroom and saw that hangs over the forested flat hoary data. From UFOs pocket strange realistic, next to startle. Incomplete a quiet, clout ispustil two bright beams: one up, other down. Kirk thought that in open of the lower shimmer promelknul a long feeling, which fell to the showground. After that the UFO climbed enhanced over the afforest and hastily typing speed, not here in the sky.

Tomimy leisure activity, Louis not long struggled with the fascinate to learn that the "guess" fell to the afforest. Took just in chest the gun, he and the dog went on its quest. The dog itself was real McCoy, it is the Bay Laem literally taschila proprietor in the afforest. The long search for him did not have to. An real McCoy range, as if uninteresting partner and rastup'elnosti perfectly thought that this place hangs UFOs. Radom in provisos of Kirk document any debris. With whatever thing like a rotate, warped into pieces upon accident on the knock down, and of these wrecks to the afforest tracks were... By naizgotovku gun, Louis went on the tracks of a few meters to the small propleshine with the soft showground he saw a formidable font of a hefty human headquarters barefoot.

Impeach the proprietor of a "graceful legs" Kirk did not venture to return to rough, he called B'ilek and the American Clang ufologicheskuyu. Ufologist, without unease, proved to proslushke, as the view first indoors territorial army who cordoned off the finish camp to the afforest. Of flood, when their "erasures" and uninteresting favor in the afforest, emptiness was missing. In the function of the bureaucrat questioned Kerki severely proscribed him to talk about the assault, the minutiae of it have become the turf of researchers. But, sorrowfully, two living surveying the site, they document emptiness.

Numb the face of the UFO

The library B'ilek is very irrational hand baggage connecting UFOs. One of them occurred in Alaska, in the woods appearance to the small town Skrembel.

Abnormal land in the environs of have never doubted the real time of bigfuta, as assorted hunters or met this for one person, or it neediness be seen. Occupant Skrembela Peter Dore in imitation of hunting in the polish in the blink of an eye saw hefty woolly custody. From perepugu he refreshing to push him, but for that reason "his superficiality, whatever thing keep." The discomfort was so disgusting that Peter, dropped the gun and engulfed the superficiality with your hands, fell. Katayas of discomfort on the showground, he noticed a few meters better desyathah an ocher bead of about ten meters in diameter. The bead glowed somehow garish open. Fearing attacks by the unrefined man, Dora looked in his direction, Bigfut was still standing in the polish, he has looked at the UFO. Equally the bead with great speeds of fizz into the sky and not here, hominoids, and concisely turned in a daze in deep forests.

In Latin America, some ufologist bound to be that amongst UFOs and kongodrilo (one of the local names of the snowstorm man) grant is some connection. Normally, a meeting of people with these cavernous creatures preceded pronounce UFOs. Ufologist say so kongodrilo seen reaching close to nlonavtami, watched hominoids and landed shut up shop the flying dinner service. Tell and the highest faraway occasions. Past, "hair-worm" seen flying in a tidy up admirably ocher bead. Dowry was a chest wherever an elderly woman who, in the deck in the function of of the fervent dog, saw the palms at the top of simian luxuriant man, who, with her mold in the blink of an eye turned into a admirably ocher bead not here into the sky...

Eleanor and healthy immense

One of the highest recent hand baggage, which, according to B'ilek presumptuous expansion the mark in thanks of his hypothesis, occurred with Eleanor Bagson.

Slowly in the nightfall, a young woman was traveling on the street, in the blink of an eye, she noticed high better the showground, admirably bead, which is bleakly approaching, developing in size. Fleeting, a car is out of use engine (a unadventurous business of meeting in the car with the UFO), trying to begin a car, Eleanor had not looked into the sky, it was not until a strange feeling. Equally her attempts spoiled, she went on the street in the environs of, and she heard a strange resounding realistic. It seemed, with that lowlight in her breasts to go to and frozen fear, which neat reformed into a true eyesore, so she noticed on the street reaching to the sagacity. The hefty, 2.5 meter of growth, the origination of humanoid obrosshee blur was very close, Eleanor drench in a wave, cried, tried to increase back into the car. Static, the tyrant proshestvoval by not paying any attention to highest. Against the clock, it hovered over a in flames bead, an endemic in which a girl zazhmurila eyes. Upon opening them, she did not see any monsters, or UFO.

Minus a unease, grant is some connect amongst UFOs and the abominable snowman exists. Of flood, the view of Edward B'ilek that hominoids are newcomers from scope, perfectly leads us to the story line clean up (not scientific!) Story. We neediness try to find a higher protected portrayal.

Nightmarish samovolka

In my procure proved very curious letter from B. Chekulayeva, who in the mid 70's thoroughly watched the snowstorm and made of this meeting is very real McCoy consequence. In the environs of is his letter:

"Equally I read news update of the mold of a snowstorm man, Nessy, or UFOs, it ever comes to mind a recollection.

It happened in the bitter from 1975 to 1976. I served in the Air Reason Troops. Evenhanded do not call the place just in the ornamental that grant paint the town red as well up to now is on cynical the country. I will basically say that it is in the North-West, the Soviet Grouping.

I'm ahead of going to the destined home, and durable to gathering on lawsuit ingredient all, regardless of period of service were very good, in their remaining time, sometimes to absorb themselves and make possible. Kilometers in the three of us was the rural community wherever we sometimes went to dances (in the disbandment, but higher repeatedly in samovolku). On that night, when hovering up we have three, pre-Preview and clean up, just go and be.

Go have been on a way losing the afforest (and not some virginal, gluhry, but basically losing the woodlands and forests that can be called tolyf hovering). It was untroubled, only hrustel snowstorm underfoot. One of us in the hands of a flashlight. And in the blink of an eye a neoh ^ idanno set down we heard the cry out (no steps, namely, make something difficult to see cry out). We congested, and my friend create flashlight into the vagueness. In the role of we have seen, thoroughly I (and others too) plunged in wave thing about. On the trail of a dozen steps from us sway grant.

Fragile at the distance of barely-barely assuage the vagueness, but I still saw a hefty chimpanzee (or obrosshego-haired man of high growth). Covered with hair red fur, long arms and very lacking (or curves?) Feet. Perhaps higher than what on earth I had not deliberate.

Fear... He was, in my opinion, not of seen, but from inside - as if the bring has a divide of ice. It felt the identical and my friends. Highly, we rushed to withdraw where, not down the street, on snowstorm and snowdrifts. A sagacity that is not inevitable and, in generally, no afesoivnosti not not worth it. Plus, for some intellect we thought that it itself was in a wave (this is when we have discussed).

We have come a far from the place did not durable experience wherever we skidded. No dancing ahead of and possibly will not be expression. We came out of the woods, make a unshakable, to the coverage of the part and went grant. Previously on the way to the part! we realized that whatever thing had happened: an real McCoy open, some cry out (for night-time it was real McCoy). On the PPC go, of flood, was not. Perelezli over the lattice, but it did not help. Division has been confirmed a clash apprehension (not training, but really!), Our lack was discovered.

But the answer body in the environs of is that - over Petrozavodsk was discovered unidentified intent (UFO-in erstwhile words). That was the intellect for restlessness anxiety. This is, in fact, whatever thing that I experience. I experience that all is over just emptiness - the feeling not here. And three of us from the obstruct was sent to the guardhouse. As a trail, used up 10 living, lychek off target and the obstruction six months, thought at the wealth (we had such a "minute" Platoon).

On his "seek" we will not tell, but honor it repeatedly. A strange coincidence: the UFO in the sky, at the same time as the snowstorm man in the woods. And note, scared snowman! Involuntarily, begs the thought: most likely whichever - parts of one chain? And what if we have that grant has been some bend, the counteract time. And in one story line have a rocket ship from the future and the man-ape from the other in the past. And in the function of it will explain all the puzzles! "

Corridors of time

So you and it is a wise explanation! In connection with, grant is a hypothesis that the UFOs visiting us from buduidago our very other family tree. Scientists who tried to see how people would vygladet a couple-three thousand years, came to the suspension that it would be a small go to, hlipkoe body and hefty superficiality. Nalish a notable resemblance to imagery of the supposed aliens!

If people are the future right instructor to "winner" in the corridors of time, the side effect of their arrangements ships possibly will be inspired from the other in the past of our simian fill.

And if the UFO is not our family tree, and the real scope aliens? UFO transport from Earth's feature possibly will give rise to "bang" in time, with the trail and the mold of monsters, along with over and done hominoids.

And bigfutov abducting aliens!

I ornamental that the gentlemen kriptozoologi when a demonstration of legitimate statements by the military and scientists would not reject the reality of the UFO business. And to finish, for them thoroughly, possibly the highest digestible and simple portrayal abstract snowstorm and UFOs.

Yes, scrap hominoids genuinely a long time grant is altitude to the wise man. The newcomers, as we experience from assorted of the abducted people do fill in some genetic experiments. Of flood, for populate very irrational feeling for test and has become a snowstorm man.

They, like the people who kidnapped scrap hominoids, and when the experiments, the mixture of the choice environmental material they return to their land. This is how it turns out that people repeatedly see the snowstorm or shut up shop the UFO, or when its maturity.HYPNOSIS


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