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Attracting Women Made Easy

Attracting Women Made Easy
" If you plan to become good at ATTRACTING WOMEN, there's one thing you need to know: women get turned off by so-called "NICE GUYS". They might want them as friends, but not as lovers, because they often come off as needy and desperate. They don't want someone who acts as if he needs to gain approval at every step of the way and that gets very annoying fast: they want a strong, confident man they can rely on.

When you approach a woman that turns you on, you must resist the urge to become the kind of guy women don't want as their lover, an overly nice and needy guy. There are other ways to do it right when it comes to HOW TO APPROACH A GIRL, and I'm going to give you some useful advice on how to get a girl to like you.

First of all, I highly suggest you don't focus all your attention on just one woman, at least until things become very serious. I say this because your mindset is important: if that woman isn't the only one you care about, then you'll appear much less needy; not only will that make her more likely to be attracted to you, but in the event a relationship develops between the two of you, it will be much less one sided.

Stop thinking you need her approval for everything you do or say; instead, try to make HER seek your approval: try to give the impression that you're the kind of man that doesn't need the approval of a woman to feel confident, one who knows he can get a woman attracted with the force of his personality. Trust me, you'll have a much higher success rate if you can pull this off.

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