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Interpersonal Leadership Skills

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Leadership can encompass every other positive characteristics of the human individual. However, a lot of people do not realize this fact. People attend to their needs and constantly battle with the struggles they face in life, but rarely do they notice that the solutions they need are just a stone throw away if they could just have time to cultivate some of the leadership traits listed below.

Why is it important to have these skills?

Acquiring leadership skills is necessary for you sustain a good relationship with people in your society. Other than that, it allows you to develop your self-esteem. A lot of people need someone to look up to and establishing these traits within your own character, you boost your interpersonal capabilities allowing you to make more significant connections with other people.

1. ASSOCIATION, PARTNERSHIP - Two heads are better than one. If you learn how to associate with other people and build partnerships everywhere you go, you increase the chances of multiplying your resources and extending your reach. Associating with other like-minded individuals and creating partnerships will also allow you to gather more ideas to reach your goals.

2. AFFIRMATION, PRAISE - People who work for you or under you also expect to be appreciated for their efforts. It gives them assurance that you value their work and gives more room for creativity and improvement to grow. A pat on the back, a congratulatory remark, or even a handshake is enough for somebody to feel appreciated and valued.

3. INCENTIVE, MOTIVATION, ENCOURAGEMENT - Every once in a while, the people you lead may need a little push to be able to continue performing at their best. Every leader knows that his people need to be motivated and encouraged from time to time. Conformity and monotony are the enemies of growth.

4. MENTORING, SUPPORT, ENABLING, AND ADVICE - Encourage your people to become better performers and you will have an army of reliable soldiers. A good leader understands that sharing his wisdom to his followers is one of the key principles responsible for his success. Leadership is not only about personal growth. It's also about helping other people grow to their fullest potential.

5. CARING - A good leader must learn how sincerely care for his for his followers and other people around him. A person who shows empathy and sincerity understands that life is something to be valued. Every life on earth is precious.


Good leaders can create instant rapport with anybody. They instantly know how to get in step with people from every facet of the society. Understand that by helping other people, you contribute to your own success.

7. EMPOWERMENT - Leadership is not about slavery. It is about liberating other people from it. A good leader realizes that replicating himself by empowering other people enables him to accomplish a lot more and generally contribute to the growth of his community.

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