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An Omega/Gamma asks about the wisdom of full disclosure:

[I]f you're a retiring Omega/Gamma (like me), should you admit your loser history to a girl? If not, what to do when the subject of former lovers comes up? Is "I was a late bloomer" a good excuse?

No, absolutely not. Plead the Fifth. No, absolutely not.

No ALPHA discloses even a quarter of his sexual history to women. Even if he talks about his previous girlfriend, or primary high school girlfriend, he will omit the girl from the night after he broke up with his previous girlfriend, the waitress from the Saturday after that, and the salesgirl he from the night before he met the woman du jour.

An Omega/Gamma without a sexual history should take the same approach. Total silence. If she brings up the topic, simply turn it around and ask her about her number. She'll either get distracted and provide potentially significant information or she'll clam up and change the subject. And if she pries, break out Roissy's magic phrase - it's complicated - and leave it at that.

Don't worry, she'll concoct an imaginary history for you that will exceed your most outrageous lies.

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