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Transitions are a part of everyone's life. And since the publication of Judith Viorst's "Necessary Losses," transitions has become and increasingly popular subject for authors.

Dotlich, Noel, and Walker in "Leadership Passages" cover thirteen common personal and professional passages (transitions) that they say make or break a fact, they can make or break any human, not just leaders. The authors based this book on their work as executives within major companies, business advisors and executive development consultants.

Passages are predictable and inevitable. Most will go through more than one. Since passages are intense, they can destroy one's spirit. At the same time, they represent an opportunity as those who successfully navigate these difficult currents of life will experience real personal growth. And if not handled with emotional and intellectual honesty, these passages lead to danger.

Most people, the authors have found, who move through life experiencing one success after another are shallow. They distinguish between the senior executive who has been strengthened and deepened by his/her passages and failure, from those who have not. The former are the most effective leaders.

"Leadership Passages" is filled with examples and covers the following transitions.

1.Joining a company.

2.Moving into a leadership role.

3.Accepting the stretch assignment.

4.Getting responsibility for a business.

5.Dealing with significant failure for which you were responsible.

6.Coping with a bad boss and competitive peers.

7.Losing your job or being passed over for the promotion.

8.Being part of an acquisition or merger.

9.Living in a different country.

10.Finding meaningful balance between work and family.

11.Letting go of ambition.

12.Facing personal upheaval.

13.Losing faith in the system

There is something in this book for everyone. This is a book that will have value at many points in your career. And these passages will test your resiliency, your ability to accept responsibility, your ability to reflect, seek support, develop and seek refuge, use a professional network, gain perspective, take risks, refine, and pass on your experience.

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