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Womens Relationship Psychology

One night, after one too many beers, the guy I was having a lovely chat, out of a sudden, started talking about women. And how it's impossible to understand them. Why? Because they are driven by the chaos theory.

Well, that last phrase got me thinking. Really? That much chaos?

I guess that from the outside, this is how you see it, since a woman can get real moody, or change her attitude in a matter of seconds, without any apparent reason.

Usually, in most of the cases, this chaos is ordered. A woman wants mainly three things: attention, attention and.. attention. And for you to have time for her, to do stuff together, and some money will help as well (whatever you do, don't act cheap).

So, you like someone. Maybe you work together, or it's a friend's friend, or just the girl selling you coffee every day. Don't be shy! Talk to her. Socialize. But don't be pushy, you'll only scare her into thinking you're a freak. And don't expect everything to happen overnight. Take time for everything. Get to know her a little: what she likes, what music she listens to, what she does in her spare time. Help her with work or take the subway together from work if applicable.

These are small examples for you to understand that it's the small things that count (at least at this stage). She might be skeptical at the beginning. But patience is one key. And not giving up is the other. Then, one day you'll see that she might smile more around you, or have a different attitude towards you.

Then and only then should you take her on a real date.

So, you've been dating for a while, things seem to work, but she's mad even if you are only 5 minutes late. Well, you should have texted her that you're gonna be late! Next time you forget to text, get her some flowers. She might not be that mad But keep one thing in mind: always text. And try not to be late. This way you're showing that her time is as precious and important as yours.

If you argue on things like coming home late from a guy's night, or from football evenings, there only one thing to do beforehand: negotiate. Let her know from the beginning that it's going to be a long night and that she shouldn't wait for you. Also, assure her that the next day you'll do something nice together. Remember one thing: never ever text her with things like "I'll be home in 5" and then you don't show up in exactly 5 minutes.

A woman likes stability. And to feel secure. If you take her out of the routine, she'll freak out and make a scene, just because she doesn't know how to react to the new circumstances. That's where the chaos comes from.

But if you pay attention to her, make her feel useful and important, you'll have no problems with beer nights or other issues that fit that pattern.

Here is a similar article regarding reverse psychology and how to use it to your own advantage: Reverse Psychology. (even if you weren't together, these tips hold true for general situations)


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