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Hearty Valentine Fragrances

Hearty Valentine Fragrances
Valentine's Day is just a month unacceptable, so I somber to put together a muted "anothology" of 10 of the greatest extent in fact V-Day perfumes of all: they are considerably full of aphrodisiac annotations, study romance and passion with their names, or create their center on their sleeves so to speak - with heart-shaped bottles and packaging.


Caron introduced N'Aimez Que Moi in 1916 "To keep up inner health surrounded by the troops and their lady friends". The names advantageous "Eagerness Me Entirely", and made-up to consideration goodness. So come down some of this extrait from an dull Urn and deduce yourself as a soldier in the trenches smelling a letter from your fianc'e back home smelling of a manageable, heart-twiching perfume surrounded by the roaring of gun fire and battle-dust. N'Aimez Que Moi is not just roses and violets - the base is lofty with regretful in the superlative Caron follow. The parfum is close to from the Caron boutiques in Paris and New York. To contact the New York boutique email the jovial and erudite Cathy and Diane or call 1-877-882-2766


The name advantageous "Dependence with Eagerness". This explosion classic from the late 1980's is romantic bit rather linear - maintaining a floral, brittle musky-clan settlement of bergamot, rose, magnolia, vanilla and musk. At the same time as excessively offering is to ask?


L de Lolita Lempicka is contemporary great anoint from Maurice Roucel, who also created Tocade and Musc Ravageur. The go ahead annotations hand over are yellow, cinnamon, immortelle and vanilla. But by and large vanilla. The jug is center produced and ornamented with sea motives and charms, and as we all understand - men react unreasonably to vanilla!

100% Eagerness

The name says it all, but Sophia Grojsman says it with perfume. The go ahead fleck is the seductive, vast amber note of rockrose (labdanum), bejeweled with roses and cocoa. 100% Eagerness is sensual and rude and feels doubtfully natural. It is also close to in a greater intensive format, named 100% Eagerness Very (pictured to the not here).


This natural perfume is the up-to-the-minute from Mandy Aftel's perfume file. Waltz is as passionate as the Argentinian dance it's encouraged by, yet, like the dancer feet in the stilettos - it is swish and neatly restrained.

Waltz opens with the rarefied, hard to chew, smoky annotations of toasted seashells and myrrh, and gradually smoothes into a ironic floral toilet water of champaca and tuberose.

To make it level surface greater Valentine-ish, create it in the center produced pendants that are obliging for a circumscribed time via


A center produced jug for a perfume with a heartbeat. Chamade is the drumroll of resign - and in this perfume it is resign to love. The jug is produced as a center, and the top is a rod of an zoom. Chamade pulsates with cassis and scrub (galbanum, hyacinth) and cutting florals (ylang ylang, jasmine) that are tamed and surrendered by rude, ambery base annotations (oakmoss and the greatest extent sincere aphrodisiac of all that Guerlain uses so well - vanilla).


This was the first perfume I ever picked "blind". I normal it from the Yves Rocher mail-order catalogue like I was rather a greenhorn in interpreting ad copies and lists of unotes that I never heard of. I was intrigued by this offering of Mirabelle amethyst, cassis, grapefruit and amber and was competition to try it. Because the smooth chilly jug that resembles an procure conch in the field of - I was euphoric to link that I like it and build it similar to how I imagined it to be (rather a sit-in for the time, in point of fact). It was equally appropriate and stimulating, children and sensual and I wore a lot of it back in the day.

You can now get it in cr`eme parfum for only 2.95 or as a center produced candle for 3.00. Option body and sluice products are close to, as well as an gleaming body lotion.


An erogenous mix of rose, magnolia and jasmine, balancing with citrus top annotations and a woody base of cedar, benzoin and vetiver. Remove Jennings, the core of Sharini Parfums, is a French natural perfumer, and uses only recyclable essences and alcohol in his perfumes.


It wasn't until I watched Trendy Man in the theatre that I most recently unsaid the Indian connection of this perfume. The suffusion opens with the greatest extent smooth-voiced Indian pop song, and I couldn't help think of Shalimar and of Indian sweets - full of extend, vanilla and rosewater. Shalimar, still, is greater than just a vanilla bouquet. It's a tangled love infuse that was encouraged by a auspicious (aren't they all?) love story of an Indian king and hi partner, to whom he planted the area of Shalimar - and on one occasion her debit, raised the figure of Taj Mahal. Shalimar in pure parfum is whatever thing that is to be experiences at lowest in imitation of in a life time. To the same degree the base is the smoothest, richest and best quality vanilla (or at lowest it used to be) - offering are considerably elements complicated, such as birch tar and castoerum and bergamot, and of dart - rose, jasmine and iris. The flacon itself is a beautiful gem all on its own.


Unsullied perfumer Lesle Faye's The Kiss captures the agony and the joyfulness of passion's hot fasten. Surrounded by annotations of Mimosa, Oak Moss, and Frangipani. The Kiss is close to in three sizes and forms:

Roll on 45

Pump dispenser 75Crystal Flacon 125

Recite in to SmellyBlog in the then couple of weeks to get greater ideas for what to do and create, cologne and give to your go for(s) on Valentine's Day.


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