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Shelle Rose Charvet and Michael Hall edited a brand new NLP book; Innovations in NLP for Challenging Times and it's being launched in London, UK, at the NLP Conference on 11/19/2011. It is the first time such a collaboration between so many NLP experts, developers and authors has happened. All the contributor's proceeds are being donated to the NLP Research and Recognition project.

Frank Bourke and Richard Liotta authored the chapter in the book on the NLP Research and Recognition Project.

David Bowman, of Crown House Publishing, announcing the launch of the book, wrote:

You are cordially invited to the launch of Innovations in NLP, a collaborative venture designed to bring together in one book some of the major new developments in NLP. All the contributors' royalties from the book are being donated to the NLP Research and Recognition Project, a venture which is being conducted by Richard Liotta and Frank Bourke and which they talk about in their contribution to Innovations.

Since its launch in 2006, the Project has attracted increasing support, reflecting the widespread frustration felt both within and outside the NLP community at the lack of scientific research into and evidence for the effectiveness of NLP. Frank felt this frustration keenly himself in the aftermath of 9/11 when, in his own clinical practice, he helped many survivors using the NLP protocols for the treatment of PTSD but saw thousands of other survivors, being treated by other clinicians, who could have been helped in this way and were not. Frank's is a fascinating story, moving from his own first encounter with NLP in the mid 70s and his realization that it was the largest advance in psychotherapy in 50 years, to having to abandon his research into the subject shortly afterwards and his reawakening to its power during his nine months of work with 9/11 survivors and his treatment of his own terminally-diagnosed case of cancer, in which he used his NLP tools for a year and a half to produce a recovery that was labelled, medically, 'remarkable'. When he realized he had 'survived' the cancer and did a life re-evaluation Frank took an oath to do what he could to get NLP researched, recognized and used to its full capabilities. In discussions with other NLP leaders, especially Judith DeLozier and Steve Andreas, NLP RR was born and he and Richard have been nurturing it ever since.

The launch is taking place during the Saturday (11/19/2011) evening drinks reception at the NLP Conference (5.45pm - 6.30pm) and many of the contributors will be there including Shelle Rose Charvet, Michael Hall, Charles Faulkner, Ian McDermott, James Lawley, Penny Tompkins, Martin Roberts, Nick Kemp, Lisa Wake, Karen Moxom and Patrick Merlevede. We are also delighted to welcome Kimiko Bokura-Shaf'e, Dr. Masaki Kono and Dr. Hiromi Tamaki from Japan who have written about their pioneering work with cancer patients.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you there.

Best Wishes,


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