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Zhai Ling Shou Shou From Jinan China Lenglui 100

Zhai Ling Shou Shou From Jinan China Lenglui 100
NAME: Zhai Ling () / Shou Shou ()

Period OF BIRTH:Aug 18, 1987


HEIGHT: 177 cm

WEIGHT: 50 kg


ABOUT: Zhai Ling (), or equally renowned by her launch as Shou Shou (), is one of the China's "Number One Car Glint Create" with a original point of reference and devilish body. Born in Jinan, Shou Shou first entered the modelling industry in 2006 and made herself renowned in the Liaoning Shape Week. Now as a model for the Beijing New Silk Blood vessel Modelling Celebration, Shou Shou has captured innumerable working class attention fitting to her attractive terminate and tall translucent nature. Very modelling, Shou Shou has hosted a couple of auto show ceremonies and appeared in a few TV shows. Seen as a holy being for her beauty, Shou Shou humbly confessed that she is a lax and obvious person in real life, play in what she enjoys every day; frequent even though Shou Shou is essentially accused by some people of having bendy setup just like innumerable of the older celebrities. Even if, Shou Shou was inordinate for being intricate in the first and the greatest extent illustrious dislike in the China's modelling industry, the "Shou Shou Log on" (). In the set up of January, 2010, in the buff photos of Shou Shou were meal crossways the Internet, which when proved to be from a pick up.

In the overdue month, the pick up leaked out which was suspected to be unavailable 3 energy ago and the man in the pick up is happened to be her devious ex-boyfriend Yang Di who is claiming he was part of the intellect for her success. It is expected that Yang Di meal Shou Shou's in the buff photos and videos to get reckoning for gap up with him, as soon as she became inordinate.

Sounds like sidle all tour that she is now reportedly the girlfriend of China's Olympic swimming popularity Zhang Li.

Currently, the few top searches in China's search engines belong to what on earth concurrent to Shou Shou. Her modeling agency, Beijing New Silk Blood vessel Models Celebration, retain definite that the female in the pick up is sincerely Zhai Ling. In 23rd February, the media claimed that Shou Shou distorted and tried to appoint suicide by taking quiescent pills, which was when denied by Shou Shou's ambassador. Frequent believes the "Shou Shou Log on" is one of the innumerable viral publicity gear. In Regularity 2010, Shou Shou efficient her blog and apologized for the clear dislike, saying she was full-fledged for polluting everyone's eyes. "My work has been bogged down. I'm just a very obvious girl, came to Beijing with my coma just like each person moreover. The line of attack I chose is difficult to keep on, but I'll keep separation no matter what" significant by Shou Shou. In the past few minutes the best of Shou Shou give or take a few grant, all filtered by

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