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Learn What To Say Next To A Woman

Learn What To Say Next To A Woman
First Approach Her, Next Talk To Her, Now Keep It Going...

A lot of men worry about what they are going to say to a woman when they meet for the first time. It can be daunting and nerve wracking, especially if it isn't something which you do very often. Some men are okay with striking up a conversation but are unsure of what to say next when the conversational pieces began to run out. The truth is, your conversational skills can make or break your chances with a woman.

This means that if you cannot talk to a girl, then you are not going to end up going home with her and this is bad news! Most guys will usually know what to say, however a lot of men have problems when it comes to the transitional process between topics- this is an issue which is easy to solve and it shouldn't stand in the way of your success with talking to women. So if you want to become the master of talking to women, then take a look below for three of the best tips to know what to say next to a girl.

* TRANSITION: The best way for you to keep the conversation flowing and moving onto new topics is to simply not worry about a transition. You want to feel comfortable and you want the conversation to seem natural and most people won't need to try to link a new topic to the previous one. If you want the most success to know what to say to a girl next then simply steer the topic over by saying something as simple as; "Anyway" then introducing something new. Remember, women like a man with confidence.

* RELATE YOUR STORY: Women love to hear stories, especially interesting ones and one of the simplest ways in which you can have the most success when talking to a woman is to try to relate her story to one of your own. It doesn't matter how small the similarity is, if she is telling you something then say; "Wow that reminds me of the time" and this will then help to lead you onto a brand new topic as well, but make sure it is a story which helps to emphasis your positive qualities, don't tell her something that is going to totally depress her.

* RESPOND TO HER: One of the easiest ways to transition between your conversation is to listen to what she is telling you and respond to her stories. Everything she says will have its own thread that you will be able to carry on with later, so make sure that you listen to her and you know what she is telling you. Then you can respond with something like; "Really? What happened next?" Or something similar and this way your conversation will continue to move naturally. Remember, conversation shouldn't be difficult or awkward, it should be comfortable and easy.

So there you have it, three top tips to help you to keep a conversation flowing with a girl by knowing what to say next. Just remember, when you transition from one topic to the next, it should be natural and easy to do so that you barely notice you are doing it. You also need to make her feel comfortable and be able to try to relate to the stories that she tells you in a positive way. And finally, if you do get stuck for things to say, then build on something she has been saying by responding to it. Good luck guys!

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