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Top 10 Contagious Leadership Tasks

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* GET YOUR ATTITUDE RIGHT! Yes, the last couple of years have been rugged! They have been rugged for everyone. So, get over it and start thinking like a leader. Concentrate on what is possible rather than why you can't accomplish your goals.

* Get your team's attitude right! Identify everyone on your team with an attitude challenge and give them 30 days to make it right (it actually only takes a moment). Sure there are challenges but they are either on the team or not, they are either thinking about solutions or challenges.

* HIRE THE BEST PEOPLE FOR THE JOB! If you are not matching behaviors, competencies and talents for each job you will suffer the consequences later. Stop drooling over resumes and interviews! Benchmark every job. Assess every candidate before falling in love with them during the interview, then match the assessment to the job. This will take all the emotion out of the hiring/promotion process and produce vastly superior results with far less turnover.

* HIRE SLOW AND FIRE FAST! If someone you hire or promote isn't cutting it, you'll know in 90 days or less. Don't let your mistakes linger. Act on it. Step up and move on.

* GET RID OF ALL THE MICRO-MANAGERS! Not only are they annoying but they are stifling creativity, motivation, morale, innovation and the development of future leaders. They may produce short-term results but it will be at the expense of the future of your organization.

* APPLY THE RULE OF 3! Have every person in your organization outline the TOP 3 TASKS THEY NEED TO COMPLETE IN THE NEXT 30, 60 AND 90 DAYS that will contribute to achieving the organization's mission and goals. Focus relentlessly on these 3 tasks and monitor, measure and celebrate the successes. Don't let anything interfere with the accomplishment of these 3 tasks.

* STOP DOING THOSE TIME-WASTING PERFORMANCE REVIEWS 2X PER YEAR! Have a 15 minute conversation with every employee EVERY 30 DAYS to check in on the progress on the Rule of 3. Focus on:What is working?

Why is it working?

What is the ideal?

What is not working?

What is needed?

What is the plan?

Ask your employees how you can help them achieve their 3 tasks, rather than telling them what to do.
* APPLY GENEROUS RECOGNITION! An authentic and heart-felt "Thank You" will keep most employees far more engaged for longer than you might think.

* LOVE THE EMPLOYEES AND CUSTOMERS YOU HAVE! Just for the next 30 days spend more time loving the employees and customers you have than trying to attract new ones.

* SPEND SOME TIME CONSIDERING THE CULTURE YOU HAVE CREATED. Is it positive or negative? Do people lead or wait to be lead? Is the focus on solutions or challenges? Are you developing future leaders or mindless followers? Are people excited about the challenges or do they dread going to work?

However you answer these questions, ask yourself the same 6 questions as in #7 above.







Developing a Contagious, high performance culture is not nearly as complicated as you might think. One thing we know for sure is that it can't be done sporadically. Talking about your ideal culture and leadership once a quarter at the all employee meeting or once a year at the annual conference doesn't cut it. Leadership development is an ongoing process, every day, every week, every month. Create an ongoing leadership conversation that every employee is allowed to participate in and you'll build a productive, high energy culture that serves as a strong foundation for your future.

Be Well & Be Contagious,


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