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So let's talk about leadership. Alpha Male Leadership. It has been clearly explained that as an Alpha Male, you need to be a leader. Being a leader is not merely giving instructions and asking your team members to complete their tasks perfectly. You also need to be consistent with yourself and be willing to learn and accept others' opinions.

Here are 10 tips on how to improve your leadership skills:

* HAVE A VISION. Without a vision, you will never know where your life will end. Set a big goal for long-term periods, and set some smaller goals for the short-term periods. You need to be able to see where you will stand in the next 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, etc. You need to dream big and imagine yourself being in that place already. By doing so, you will live your life in accordance to what you want it to be. An Alpha Male knows what he wants from life.
* MAINTAIN A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Do you think you will be a true leader when you always see things pessimistically? You need to see possibilities in every situation, no matter how hard it is. By being positive, you will live away from negativity and worries, because you believe that you can achieve what you desire. In addition, being positive makes you a happy person and people will be magnetically attracted to you. So remember that an Alpha Male has a positive attitude.
* ACCEPT CRITIC WISELY. Critics will help you grow and learn better. When people criticize you, it means they want to see you improve. Don't be angry when someone criticizes you. Instead, say thank you and think about that critic carefully. An Alpha Male doesn't reject critic.
* LEARN FROM MISTAKES. A true leader and an alpha male will not make the same mistakes twice. He will reevaluate the mistake and learn from it. You don't have to make mistakes in order to learn. Other people's mistakes can also be a valuable lesson for you.
* IMPROVE YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILLS. How will people know and understand your ideas if you cannot express them clearly and precisely? You need to speak your ideas, visions and opinions clearly, with the proper words that can be understood easily by others. This also includes listening to what other people are saying, so that you will know what they have in mind.
* ADMIT YOUR MISTAKES. It's human nature... people make mistakes. So if you do, sincerely apologize instead of blaming other people or avoiding the problem. A true leader is he who bravely admits his mistakes and learns from them.
* CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS. When bad things happen, stop being nervous and don't panic. If the leader is in panic, then the rest of the team members will surely be. Stay calm when you encounter a problem, no matter how difficult that problem is. Solve the problem cold mindedly and listen to others' suggestions. Don't be shy to ask for help and don't keep the problem to yourself.
* TAKE RESPONSIBILITY WHEN BAD THINGS HAPPEN. Don't blame other people when things don't go as they are planned.
* KEEP LEARNING. Just because you are the only one who knows some things better than others, doesn't mean you have to get stuck there and stop learning. Enrich yourself with new knowledge and experiences every day. An Alpha Male grows constantly.
* INSPIRE OTHERS. The difference between a wannabe leader and a true leader is that a wanna leader merely instructs his members to do the tasks he assigns them to do, while a true leader also works with them. Therefore, a leader will say, "Go!" while a true leader says, "Let's go!" As a true leader, your members will evaluate your work and the way you lead, and they will indirectly judge whether you are a worth following or not. Once you're a true leader, you will naturally inspire other people to become like you because they will see you as a role model.

I wish you good luck with developing your personality and Alpha Male characteristics, as well as leadership capabilities.

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