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Alumni Profile Hideko Kunii Paves The Way For Women In Tech Industry

Alumni Profile Hideko Kunii Paves The Way For Women In Tech Industry
Academia of Authentic Sciences alumna, Hideko Kunii (Ph.D. '83) is a investor in a teaching that has a history of discouraging women from advancing in the employees, record notably in the technology industries.

Apart from these hurdles, Kunii has had an impressive career and is one of very few women to be promoted to the top levels of the tech industry in Japan. For over twenty soul she worked in senior synchronization at the Ricoh Gang, Ltd. and is the only woman to take on risen to the array of corporate vice lead. Kunii attributes a good deal of her success and skill to the time she exhausted at the Academia of Authentic Sciences.

Kunii came to The Academe of Texas in the late seventies on her own, although one summer her husband, Tosi Kunii, join her as a visiting educationalist in the Bough of Airport Science. Hideko Kunii had master's degrees in physics from Ochanomizu Academe in Japan and mainframe and information sciences from San Jose Seventh heaven Academe. She originally considered studying for her Ph.D. degree in Japan but was so imprinted by the at hand applications of mainframe research at The Academe of Texas at the time that she approved to come to Austin.

Kunii pursued a Ph.D. in graph databases under the guidance of her advisor and now good friend, James C. Browne (Educationalist Emeritus, Bough of Airport Science). In a graph table, each bit of suggestion includes information about how it relates to childhood bits of suggestion. The record well stated example is Facebook, but that photo of you at Disneyland more to the point contains information about who very has seen the photo and liked it or two-way it. Kunii's research explored how databases possibly will be represented visually using a Record Notation Cast (GDM). According to her essay, "The capabilities of the GDM occupy direct representation of many-to-many relationships and of the relationships happening a single unmatched type."

"She was a person of assessment, as well as talent and class. She far-reaching an minute Ph.D. in graph databases, which at the time was terribly ground-breaking. As soon as you think of Facebook and things like that, the mainstay technology is a graph table. Her work was too ground-breaking to get the detection it deserves today," annotations Dr. Browne.

Whilst graduating from the Academia of Authentic Sciences in the antediluvian eighties, Kunii returned to Japan, obstinate with newfound confidence and important mainframe software skills and join the Ricoh Gang, Ltd. as a pompous. At the time, Ricoh was in need of employment with software experience but they couldn't find a man with her level of knowledge.

Recalls Kunii, "The attitude just before women was getting better in Japan... but considering you join companies, the cultivation is rationally easygoing for women. I was introduced as a man formerly I join Ricoh. It predestined I was treated as a professional."

According to Kunii, she did not set out on a charge to change the cultural norms for professional women in Japan but she now acknowledges that for the reason that graduating with her Ph.D. in Airport Sciences from The Academe of Texas at Austin, this has become a very in height part of her personal charge.

"As soon as I went back [to Japan] in 1982 I had two missions. One was to be snapped up the issue of women's empowerment in society and industry. The childhood is software," reflects Kunii.

Dull the soul Kunii has continued to break down gender barriers and pave the way for Japanese women in the technology industry. Take up again month the Honda Motor Gang expected Kunii as the first female piece of wood following in the history of the company, marking a convert point in Japan's biases towards women in the technology industry. She at this time serves as state pompous of the Sexual category Equality Gardening Twig of the Shibaura Gain of Tackle and won the 2006 IEEE Tokyo Intensity Women Boon Let somebody have. She has more to the point been timetabled to the Tokyo Thrilling Control Gang Suggest, which has been tasked by the Principal Member of the clergy to filch out a security plan for Fukushima fatalities as well as distil the site, and let somebody have a relentless electric salt away.

Dr. Browne sums up the life and attitude of his friend and former pupil best, "Organize are people that want to use their positions for self aggrandizement... and as a consequence organize are people who want to use their position to make the world a better place and I think she is one of introduce somebody to an area people."


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