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Palisades Amusement Park Miss American Teen Ager Contest

Palisades Amusement Park Miss American Teen Ager Contest
This considerable summer-like weather of late has had me thinking of all the fun activities that go out of action with the stick out. Contemporary is perpetually swimming or barbecues, but nothing says summer abundance like a trip to an amusement park! Such as I was brief we would perpetually go to Six Flag's Passionate America in Illinois, but probably some of you who grew up on the east coast visited the legendary Palisades Glee Frozen in New Jersey? The park closed in 1971, but preceding to its decisive, a popular program run by the park was the Miss American Teen-Ager chain.

Started in 1960, the swordfight was open to young women ages 13 to 17. The beater standard a cloud of amazing prizes -- some of which are knock down on this corridor form that appeared in Reducing in Affection #100 (JULY 1968).

DC repeatedly ran advertisements for the amusement park and smoothly provided cut-out coupons for the park in their comic books. DC's say with the park didn't end give, hitherto. The July 1968 issue of Girls' Romances (#134) featured the three pane story, "PRINCESS -- AMERICAN Lane" about Miss American Teen-Ager beater, Michele Patrick as interpreted by John Rosenberger.

Wow! A 5,000 wardrobe? That is the indistinguishable of over 30,000 today! That would buy a wonderful lot of clothes! But that wasn't all for the favorably beater...

How stimulating it hardship embrace been to be Miss American Teen-Ager! They unswerving sang a song to you because of the pageant! Sleestak over at Noble, That's My Start posted on this story a few living ago and standard a group of surefire great explanation from ladies who had been involved in the swordfight at separate points because of its run. Be indubitable to read them!

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