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A Killer Kougelhof

A Killer Kougelhof
Kate and Chelsea meet for lunch. Kate asks her how ram are going. Chelsea says ram are going fine, "as she participates in Salem's new last in a mansion agree for impoverished type and adults. She's a tiny jealous, tranquil that some of the getting on clutch got to live in the DiMera mansion and she has to alight for the Kiriakis mansion." Kate's a tiny fascinated about her. Daniel steps up to the table and voices his concerns as well, "You looked a tiny thin yesterday at the Java Caf'e."

"BOING!" Kate's radar zones in on that, "You two were at the Java Caf'e?"

Daniel ignores the question and asks, "Why do I get the feeling you're trying to monitor something?"

Phillip finds Nicole and asks if she is still cargo his confer. Nicole is cautious, "You still haven't told me who I would be intelligence on. It's Chloe, isn't it?"

Phillip says, "It's not Chloe. It is festivity I think you faculty get through drinking some time with - John Black."

The very extraordinarily John Black is pleasure Paul Hollingsworth, "Can I confer you something? Rolf just whipped up a killer kougelhof. I don't declare what the hell it is, as."

Paul is all outfit, "I'd like you to keep your word. You promised you'd make ram right." Paul rambles about his strong situation. He has no rites, no job, no scenario "and the only division he's been able to land is a bit part in a serialization opera that's in a ratings nosedive."

John says, "I'm putting you back on top, Paul, and in the past I'm planed, you're gonna owe me."

Ava asks the clod watch if they are all secure they want to shot this. "The addressees screams, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Ava says, "I'm not going to bore you with any of the tiny vinyl. I'll just move at the end, "and bore you with that." It was the day he despoiled my life."

"This sounds familiar," says Kayla."

Daniel checks Chelsea out and decides she is a tiny wet. "Dread not, tranquil, Dr. Jonas the spectacle hand has come up with a cure for wetness." A exchange call interrupts his tiny miracle-working session. He announces he will be right back and grass to carry the call. Kate tells her she's fascinated and has decided to carry her home. Daniel watches as they pull out.

Phillip wants to declare something John is up to. Nicole says she will carry the job only if Phillip lives up to his end of the concentrated and she gets something she deserves. Phillip can't maintain, "Oh, you'll get something you plus all right. And after that some."

"Are you trying to be funny?"

"No," says Phillip, "I'm departed bring in. "But I'm secure Prevuze will find some sarcastic shatter for the affair." Nicole accepts the confer and Phillip says he will give her the vinyl on the way to lunch.

"Brawny," says Nicole, "I'm weak. And thirsty."

Phillip can't reflect on it, "Conventional in the morning?"

"Yep," says Nicole, "Now I just hold back to statue out if I'm in a mimosa mood or a natural mary mood."

"How about hemlock," asks Phillip."

John tells Paul he's going to hook him up with the selfish behavior he had before, "But for that, I'm going to assume a tiny something pristine."

Ava says she held she and Flowerbed were glaringly in love, at minimum until their marriage ceremony day. We flashback to the chapel. Ava wears a simple snowy attire. "Steve wears a simple black patch. I was marrying the man of my thoughts."

Kayla looks at Flowerbed. Flowerbed turns and looks for the orifice. He sweats like a pig on a roaster as he leafs through the guy manual and finds his briefing, "See the advanced manual."

Phillip and Nicole stand shell the pub. Phillip suggests Nicole use her female pretense on John. Nicole thinks John hates her and her pretense will be ineffective on him. Phillip assures her the new John is a extinct paw and that new John and Marlena are I assume not appearing in "So get in and do your division. If we go in together John will be shifty."

Nicole primps, unbuttons her blouse and heads in. She grabs a drink as a waitress passes and walks up to John's table, "Why John Black! It's true, you are alive!"

"Do I declare you," says John. Nicole introduces herself and tells him not to reflect on the gossip he's heard. "I make up my own mind," says John, "What's left of it."

Nicole sits down and tells him she finds his situation enthralling. "Roundly," says John, "You're the fist person to think that."

Outside, Morgan walks up to Phillip, "Because in the sam-hill are you doing?"

Kate and Chelsea hold back arrived back at the Kiriakis mansion. Chelsea says she isn't feeling so well and faints. No need to put up the Bat-Signal, tranquil as Daniel the spectacle hand just happens to be knocking at the personality right to use. He rushes in, "Because the hell happened?"

"Nothing," says Kate, "I just intended something about her looking for a job right away." She wonders what he is operate put on.

"I followed you," says Daniel, "Having the status of I saw her back at the pub, I didn't think she looked too good."

"That's what limit guys think," says Kate."

Ava says she was never so significantly in love with Flowerbed as she was at that epoch. They looked at each getting on and mouthed the words, "I love you."

"Am I telling it right," she asks Flowerbed.

"Flowerbed wishes she would just enliven them and get it over with", "You're telling it right. That's immediately how it was." The blood drains from Kayla's heart.

Phillip thinks Morgan is embossing the southern Belle umlaut. Morgan tells him she does that in the past she is tense. He wonders why she is tense. "I don't get coy women," says Phillip.

Morgan tees off on him, "I declare John Black is in put on and you are gunning for him. I just want to declare why you hold back to deadlock my begin through the mud along with him."

"Phillip says, "So significantly for being coy?" I'm not gunning for everyone and I'm not down for the count everyone into it."

"I may be coy," says Morgan, "But I'm not stupid."

"I get stupid women," says Phillip, "That's why I had the hots for Belle." He asks her to join him inside for lunch so he can prove he's not gunning for everyone. She declines seeing that she's meeting her begin for lunch. Paul walks up and suggests Morgan say goodbye to Mr. Kiriakis, seeing that he's such a moving man.

"I was a lot busier before my ships started getting defensible up," says Phillip. Paul tells him that's having the status of put on were irregularities in his inquisition of Phillip's ships. "And now you're being investigated," says Phillip, "Because a twist of fate." Morgan starts to step in but Paul tells her to refreshing it. Paul and Morgan go inside. Phillip hesitates and after that follows.

Nicole says she continuously had a tiny repress on the old John, "But you're in significantly better shape. Organize you been working out?" John inspects his bod.

Flowerbed turns to Kayla, "Sweetness, I'm immoral you hold back to shot this."

"Kayla says, "Not as immoral as you will be in the past I get you home."

Ava decides this would be a better story if Flowerbed tells it. Flowerbed don' wanna. Ava gets signify, "You tell them what you did to me on our marriage ceremony day!"

"Chelsea dies. Daniel raises her from the departed." Kate calls 911.

Nicole just can't imagine what poor John is going through, "No friends, no family..."

"That's OK," says John, "After that the family I hold back, I'm better off without them."

"Because the heck," says Nicole, "I'm just going to be real reduce during and ask you out on a date. Whadya say? Are you mine." John undresses her with his eyes.

Morgan can't eat with John in the room. Paul explains John is a friend. Morgan knows John is responsible for putting Paul in this position in the first place.

Kate snorts, "Everyplace the hell is that ambulance?"

"You hold back to be accommodating," says Daniel, "We're pretty close to town. Salem ambulances can only get put on in a moment's document if you're out in the standard of nowhere." Kate rages and says she thinks Chelsea hardship never hold back had that wear out. Daniel reminds her they knew the risks going in, "Lexie operated on her. We knew her probability of continuation were less than the Kansas Civic Chiefs probability of believable the plenteous hole followed by give flavor to."

"My God," says Kate, "I didn't declare her probability were that bad." She tells Daniel if Chelsea doesn't make it she will clothes him responsible.

"You don't need to do that," says Daniel, "I or hold back stacks achievements to my respect."

Ava concise Flowerbed, "You tell them something you did to me."

"I will," says Flowerbed, "In fact I want to." Flowerbed says as he watched her come down the path, he got a unhealthy feeling in the pit of his be marked with that something was slapdash. Note: The guy manual undeniably says this is setting and collective."

Flowerbed says he got visions of substitute marriage ceremony as we get quick flashbacks of his marriage ceremony to Kayla, "I just knew in my gut I couldn't go through with it."

Morgan is just in the bag her dad wouldn't hold back taken colonize bribes if John didn't demand him. Paul tries to give surety her this will all pass and ram will go back to setting. Morgan central accepts his carry on ram and grass to meet Chelsea.

Nicole teases, "Arise on, Johnny. I won't sophistication. Unless you're into that easy on the ear of division."

John's into it, "I think it faculty be fun."

Phillip interrupts. John wants to declare if Phillip has a problem with them being together. "None at all," says Phillip, "In fact, I'd say the two of you plus each getting on."

Daniel reminds Kate Chelsea volunteered to hold back the surgical procedure. Kate backs off. The glockenspiel necklaces. Kate goes to get in the EMT techs as Daniel tells Chelsea to hang in put on.

Flowerbed tells the assembly how he freaked at the altar and bolted like a... like a... "groom with cold feet." Outside colonize crazy similes started up again. He says he decided he had to get back in put on and tell her he couldn't go through with it but two goons came up to him, grabbed him and hauled him off.

Ava asks, "Do you undeniably assume me to reflect on that?"

"It's the the whole story." Ava huffs.

Chelsea's intensity is 103.4^0 and her inflection is swiftly and insipid. Daniel says he will control until they get to the sickbay to" perform additional miracles." Morgan rushes in and asks what's going on.

John and Nicole part company in look-in of their on ice date tonight at John's place. She gives him a lips smoochie as she grass. John turns and soaks it in.

"Rod Serling introduces the followed by chunk, "Give is a fifth bunch beyond that which is familiar to man. It is a bunch as voluminous as put your feet up and perpetual as time without end. It leads to the everyday tip of reality: you're on a string to the land of the countless, the foreign, the unexplainable...Go as far as you like on this road. Its border are only colonize of mind itself. Ladies and Gentlemen, you're in the wondrous bunch of inspiration. Adjoining stop....The Sunset Site." And that's immediately someplace Ava is right now. She rambles about how a part of her died in the past she knew he wasn't coming back. She doesn't want to shot anymore, but the clod watch guys are on the shear of their seats, so Ava tells him to go on. She wants to shot how it ends.

"You declare how it ends," says Flowerbed, "All I can do is tell you about the time before I met you."

"EEEERRRTT... EEEERRRTT... EEEERRRTT... The Guy Manual's built in impediment system kicks in, "If she's menacing to kill you, don't go put on."

Flowerbed tells her about his commandeering, not about Kayla, "so the Guy Manual system cancels the impediment." Flowerbed tells her in the past he absconder and immoral her, she changed him. She gave him something to live for, "I fell in love with you and I needed to link you. I did. And it killed me in the past I didn't get to say goodbye. It's the the whole story. I swear an oath it."

Ava calms down and weeps. Kayla bawls like a outcome. "According to the Guy Manual, this is an profound reawakening, "And if your real next of kin is in the room, and she buys it, too, good job, you hold back pulled off a spectacle limit guys are unacceptable of. You hold back wiggled out of an not permitted situation."

Outside the pub, Nicole tells Phillip about her date with John. Phillip tells her not to lose sight of her rational. Nicole doesn't see why outfit and enthusiasm can't mix. Phillip says they can as long as John doesn't declare what's appearing in.

On his way out, Paul says he noticed the hot tiny blonde John was current with. He asks John if he's married. "I am," says John, "but I declare what I'm operate."

Dr. Jonas promises to carry good care of Chelsea as they controls her out.

Ava takes over. She says she waited and after that realized he wasn't coming back. She ran out of the house of worship and bent into a puddle of weep. The followed by division she knew she was in an ambulance being taken to a sickbay someplace she stayed for a long time. Plus Daddy brought her back and reliable her in the room for her own good.

Flowerbed whispers, "I'm immoral."

Ava goes back to the Sunset Site, "That's all you can say? You are a cold sob. I Despise YOU!" Smacksmacksmack. "Hmmm... in all probability the Guy Manual overvalued the extent of his reawakening."


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