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Can You Teach Someone To Be A Leader

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Is it possible to learn how to be a good leader or manager, or is it something that a person is just born with? Learning leadership is the premise of countless leader seminars, classes, books and programs, but many people believe that it's much easier to teach someone to be a leader if they already have the natural talents that are required for managing a team.

It's undeniable that a person can be taught to be a more effective leader, and that there are time-tested tactics and techniques for managing people that can anyone can learn. But some natural traits that are necessary for effective leadership-such as empathy, intuition, intelligence and analytical skills-probably can't be taught to someone who doesn't already have them.

In some situations, an organization has no choice but to attempt to make a leader or manager out of someone who simply doesn't have many of the natural talents that are required for leadership. In a case like this, it's certainly possible to teach someone a set of step-by-step methods for planning and organizing tasks for a group of people, and they might even end up being moderately successful in the post.

Learning leadership principles and techniques is much easier, though, for someone who already has the natural talents necessary to lead. If you have to work on developing skills like integrity, tenacity and dedication to a cause, then the likelihood that you will ever become a successful leader is much smaller.

There are some leadership and management teachers, however, who believe that one element is more important that any other in prospective students: and that is simply the desire to be a good leader. If you have a strong desire to lead, and are cognizant of personal weaknesses that need to be improved in order for you to succeed, then that might just be all you need to learn leadership.

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