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5 Great Tips On How To Get A Girlfriend

5 Great Tips On How To Get A Girlfriend
WHEN ALL YOU FRIENDS ARE HAPPILY LIVING THE LIFE OF A COUPLE AND YOU ARE STILL SEARCHING FOR YOUR PERFECT MATE YOU WILL NEED THE BEST TIPS ON HOW TO GET A GIRLFRIEND. WHEN YOU ARE FED UP OF BEING LEFT OUT ON THE SIDELINES, THE ONLY GUY WITHOUT A PARTNER WHEN YOU GO FOR A WORK'S EVENING, YOU NEED NOT JUST TIPS BUT ONES THAT REALLY WORK. THE LONGER YOU HAVE BEEN SINGLE THE HARDER IT WILL SEEM TO GET A GIRL, BUT ONCE YOU HAVE FOUND A GIRL THAT YOU ARE INTERESTED IN, YOU NEED TO CONCENTRATE ON WINNING HER HEART, BELOW SOME OF THE GREATEST TIPS ON GETTING A GIRLFRIEND.TIP 1. USE BODY LANGUAGE A girl might like to talk more than she does listen but this doesn't mean that she isn't busy watching your body language. Your behaviour and mannerisms are very important when you are trying to get yourself a girlfriend. Do not be too extraverted or introverted and make sure that your moves are both polite as well as confident. If you really want to capture the heart of a girl then you need to look her in the eye when you talk to here. When she chats away to you, show your interest by leaning in and giving here your undivided attention; if she thinks you are really interested in what she is saying then you will give here a great first impression.TIP 2. DON'T BE AFRAID TO FLIRT If you know how to flirt, use it to your advantage, but make sure that your remarks are gentle and not tacky. Jokes go a long way to lightening the mood and positive remarks on the way she looks will go far. If you compliment the girl you are chatting to then she will remember you for all the right reasons. By flirting and complimenting your girl with light conversation you can make an instant connection with her and the atmosphere will become relaxed. Girls love it when you notice details, so don't be afraid to compliment her choice of earrings or even her nail lacer color.TIP 3. DON'T BE AFRAID OF TOUCHING. One barrier you need to overcome when chatting up a girl is the touch barrier. Although many believe that you should not try to get physical too early on if you want to succeed in finding a serious partner, a gentle touch to the back of her hand or pulling a strand of hair away from her face will break this barrier without you appearing too forward. You will see if the girl likes you back when she responds with light touches too, the barrier of physical intimacy being broken. Only when a girl noticeably pulls away from your physical advance should you hold back or begin to question if she likes you at all.TIP 4. BE A TRUE ALPHA MALE. No girl wants to be with a soppy and attentive male, so although it may seem a strange one of many tips on how to get a girlfriend, show your masculine side and make sure that you do not look desperate. Stand back tall and strong and show yourself for the independent male you are; no girl really wants a guy that has been single for months and is starting to get desperate. Girls like a challenge and by playing it cool you will really get their hormones racing.TIP 5. SHOW YOU HAVE BOTH A HEART AS WELL AS A BRAIN Last but not least of the 5 great tips on getting a girlfriend is to show that you are not just good looking but that you have a brain and a heart too. Being interested in current affairs shows that you have intelligence and the brains to keep up a sensible conversation. Intelligent conversation goes a long way to wooing a potential girlfriend, so combine this with being a gentleman and you will be well on the way to getting the girl of your dreams. Chivalry is far from dead, so take your girl's coat, pull out a chair for her, and always offer to pay the bill on your first dinner date.With these five great tips on how to get a girlfriend, you days stood on the sidelines can come to an end. The longer you are single the harder it may seem to get back into the dating game, so be bold, strong and talk to the girl of your dreams; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. IF YOUR SERIOUS ABOUT BEING AN "ALPHA MALE" YOU MUST CHECK THIS OUT:"7 SIMPLE SCIENTIFIC TRICKS TO HAVE ANY WOMEN YOU WANT" The post 5 great tips on how to get a girlfriend appeared first on Girl pickup info.



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