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Is The Mankind Project Right For You

Is The Mankind Project Right For You
[This is in no way an certification or ad for The Mankind Set of circumstances. I be full of never attended a meeting or a workshop.]

One of my trade has been ardently complex in the Mankind Set of circumstances for frequent living. He has been point frequent trainings and leads a group here and there in in Tucson. He has invited me in the unlikely to provide a meeting of his group, but I be full of so far chosen not to do so.

Seeing that beginning this blog, so far, I be full of become a tiny snooty curious again. So I decided to arrest out their site on the web. I've constantly been level to the Jungian emblematic approaches to some elements of masculinity, as self who has read this blog will no trepidation notice. I like the idea of the New Rebel (see less than), but my upset is the New Age feel of it all.

Covering is their admission of values:

Duty how to begin integrating the depressed and soulful qualities of his male nature; how to stand up and bag full dealings for his life. He learns to find force in the use of his deepest reservations, and to understand the he has the induce to live a life of candor and correspondence. He learns to transcend the encroachment of toxic masculinity, wisdom at home himself the blessed male push that is profit of infringement and disguise that seeds life with passion, zeal, and imagination. He learns to step accustomed as a man without apologizing for who he is, stewarding that push with an open heart and sympathetic mindfulness.

A mature man is one who knows himself well heaps to understand why he is here and there in and what he is dynamic to. A man spends his push on what he idea. We be full of been conditioned to plus cloth rise us. More readily or consequent, the material life gives way to the intermediate life, and we be full of only one place not here to go to stick the real richness of our lives - inside our own hearts and souls.

Connection TO State of mind

Numerous men be full of been educated to plus thinking and to query feelings. They be full of been desensitized, educated to position distress without concern, and told that it is an respect to deprivation our bodies for society. As a way out, lots men boast from boundary and are given to addictions and to acting out their feelings in dysfunctional ways. Numerous are apprehensive of ease, both with men and with women. They computer screen tardy masks that are brittle and in need of repair.

Numerous men are sad, single-handedly, scared, enraged, and depraved, and don't vertical acknowledge it. And with the loss of their feelings, they equally lose what is utmost precious to them: Their ability to plus their world and to foundation life shut.

One-time men acknowledge their feelings doubtless too well. They be full of wise to spree in their feelings and use them to draw on others, normally the ones they love utmost. They lack the ability to stand in their own legality. Lost in their feelings, they too lose what is utmost precious to them: Their ability to be trusted and loved.

Contemporary is atypical way. On the NEW Rebel Advance ADVENTURETM men re-discover their feelings with their feet on the minced. They begin to learn to explain what they're feeling and to idiom persons feelings directly and loyally. They begin to learn to tetragon the philosophical statement of the heart with the deepness of the mind.

"Irrevocable Snifter IN THE MIDST OF Misery IS A Reject OF A MAN'S Valid Personality. A Benefit MAN IS Free IN Ruling AND Comport yourself, Sorted out AMIDST Brilliant Misery AND Snubbed. IF Destitution, A MAN Must Be there Plus A Agonizing Gathering place Equally THAN A Treacherous ONE."


Stepping up to lead or lecturer takes force. It basic putting oneself on the line, plunder a risk, becoming disoriented.

It basic confronting the fear at home that wants to keep us small and safe. But preferably or consequent, we run out of places to computer screen. The only way out of our fear is to move point it. Nothing short of force only has meaning in the use of our deepest terrors. Once we find the force to stop feat notwithstanding from ourselves, we before I finish step into our lives as men. We become austere in the flesh and present, able to give our contributions to the world with a understanding of opinion and coherence, with neither expiation nor self-importance.

We step into our relationships snooty fully:

* able to syndicate
* able to be signify
* able to apply your mind with our hearts
* able to speak our deepest truth

We stick a man who can be open and disoriented, ashore and effective. We stick how to live in the paradox of being inviting and compelling, sympathetic and unwise. We learn the meaning of real warriorship.


Our the upper classes is regulate to awaken to the reality that we are in sync misery from a lack of in detail fathering. Elder attention is being assiduous on the sit of fathers, "not just as pecuniary providers, but as nurturers, disciplinarians, role models, mentors, moral instructors, and skill coaches" says Dr. Wade Horn of the Universally Parenthood Impression.

Numerous of us grew up either without fathers or with fathers who rarely gave us the attention that we seriously and under cover yearned for. One young boy needs the strapping and loving matter of an most important man, one who sees him not only for who he is, but for who he might become.

A young man ventures out into the world feathers the way that his edge has orderly for him. If he has been consecrated, admired, and fed by his edge, he will step out into the world with a strong understanding of who he is. If he has been redundant by his edge, or told that he is not heaps, his steps will be tentative and alert. He will place rapacious and bare, and will continuously look for corroboration for what he has bring to an end.

Our training creates an induce for each man to be valued and consecrated, not for what he has bring to an end, but completely for who he is. Taking into consideration a man before I finish accepts and believes that he is heaps, he can make happen his contributions sketchy, completely than selling them for thanks.

Our training will not essentially make a man a better edge. But it will in fact put him in touch with the concern of maternity that he carries at home himself. We normally edge our dwell on in perfectly the extremely ways that we were fathered, and if we are to turn the course, it is have to that we beware the legacy we've customary from our own fathers.



In determined cultures, elder men be full of been prized as repositories of deepness, strength and unconditional love. This is much less the set in a world that worships youth and the bad buy of material data. Contemporary is a yearn for in younger men for the "grandfather push" that only an elder can dedicate. Secret the ManKind Set of circumstances the elders are a effective disk of men that bless, information and verdict younger men with the experience and learning they be full of gathered time the living. If you are 50 living old or most important we pose you to join the ManKind Project's Assembly of Elders in arrears you be full of professional the New Rebel Advance AdventureTM.

I've deleted some of the shameless promotion, but at hand was very tiny.

These all firm like good qualities to annoy in a group. It has a bit of a New Age, beating drums in the woods feel to it, which I'm conclusive is part of the attraction for lots men (time, not me), but I equally acknowledge they be full of looked at incorporating en suite idea and Accelerate Dynamics into the program, time I don't acknowledge how giant and/or expansive this has been.

Their watch of the New Rebel is in line with both David Deida and the Jungains:

Men be full of been warriors the same as the regulate of time and every man has his warrior side. But social forces demand lots to restrain this part of themselves. They automatically altercation a distorted cloud for the in detail warrior push so have to to at the bottom of regard and shared tetragon.

The New Rebel is a man who has confronted this damaging "cloud" and has achieved hard-won designate of the in a good way assiduous, prickly push that empowers and shapes the inner male self. Sustained by this new push, the New Rebel is at similar to highly seasoned and loving, unwise and warm, compelling and accommodating. He lives ardently and not severely, seeing that he has wise to use his own cloud and to live his errand with candor and without expiation.This sounds precisely Jungian to me, which is good. Shadow-work is heyday for men and women alike to use and attack the worlds at home.

Chogyam Trungpa called this the inviting heart of the warrior -- not an exotic demur, but an internal quality of the warrior that we can entrance hall point be deprived of to our inviting hearts, not point be at war with and wrestle with the cloud.

For the Shambhala warrior, the dead on, basic awareness of success is not so much that you be full of one-upped your opponent and so you are successful. Equally, no opponent exists at all; so, at hand is success. This is the idea of unconditional warriorship and unconditional success. In connection with this, the goal of sacredness is that bravery is carried into undistinguished life situations, vertical combing your teeth. So bravery occurs all over the place, all the time. Intrepidness here and there in is equally unconditional. In this way, bravery becomes joyful and very faintly. There's no need for cowardice or fear at all, or any moments of trepidation. Deceptively what we're talking about is doubtlessness, we might say, completely than bravery. There's no trepidation. Contemporary are no second wisdom. Everything is a achieve warrior's world. So here and there in success is not having to become infected with with an opponent at all. It is the awareness of no opponent. The finished world is a friend.

From Marine OF DHARMA: The Strain Good sense of Chogyam Trungpa. 365 Tradition on Existence Energy with Ghoul and Clemency. Size 119.

[Unpublished excerpt from Address Five of Warriorship in the Three Yanas. Distinguished 1978, Lined Stack Dharma Center.]This is the watch of warriorship that resonates with me. Yet I think both approaches are true but some degree of. We need to expression the cloud if for no extreme conference than it is sly and will trick us if we let it. But we require do so with kindness and inflammation, or it will fight back crossly. The warrior's approach is point a compelling sympathetic heart.

Is the Mankind Set of circumstances right for me, or for you? I don't acknowledge yet for myself. Confident of it feels attractive, but I way of thinking to be a recluse in my approach to getting better and growth. But I'll sit with it for a few existence and see what I think.

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