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What Alpha Males Never Do

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Alpha Males are attractive. And if you want to become an Alpha Male, you need to learn what it is that makes alpha males so attractive. But before you can learn the alpha male behavior and the alpha male characteristics, you need to learn about a few mistakes that you probably do that screw things up with women. These are the things that an alpha male never does.

Alpha Males don't focus on beauty. Beautiful women get compliments way too often and it has become a huge turn-off for them. Alpha males are not awed by beauty. And besides, by focusing on her looks, you are not connecting with the woman internally. Try to find out if that woman is cool, interesting, funny, intelligent. And if she's really worth spending time with. That's what an Alpha Male would do. So stop with all the compliments!

Alpha Males aren't rude. Being rude is an attraction killer. Approaching a woman with some rude comment will screw up your chances with her. Being cocky AND funny on the other hand, a concept you're probably familiar with is a totally different thing. When approaching a woman, an Alpha Male is fun, playful, naughty, etc. but never rude. By approaching her, you need to brighten her day not make it worse.

Alpha Males don't remind a woman of all those other guys that tried to hit on her. And they don't talk like those other guys either. Language is very important. Here are a few examples: "Do you have a boyfriend? Can I get your phone number? Can I take you out? Let's go on a date". These will get you negative results in most cases. So don't use them anymore. Replace those words they hear so often from average guys! It's not so hard.

Alpha Males are not possessive or jealous. These traits are huge attraction killers. Constantly calling a woman to check up on her, nagging, being jealous and possessive will get you nowhere.

Alpha Males don't try to impress a woman with material stuff. They don't try to buy a woman.

Very important! Alpha Males don't lack personal authority. They don't look to a woman to lead in the interaction. Alpha Males LEAD. So when you're going on a date, don't ask the woman what she wants to do. Thing about what YOU want to do, and then ask her if she wants to join. If she's not ok with your plan, find something else together. Don't make her do all the planning.

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