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Leadership has many definitions, the best being the, "process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task". Leaders organize a group of people to attain a common goal. Usually related to the professional side of its benefits, this quality is very essential to lead a large group of people towards success and change.

For this purpose, there are different ways in which leadership is implemented or put before people, to make it easier for them to work as a team. Since we are talking about leaders or managers in business and corporates, there are specific styles with which you can run a company or a business efficiently.

These different leadership styles in business are mentioned in the paragraphs below, so read on and pick the styles you think are effective and helpful.


Business is a field where there are groups of people working together to make an institution move ahead by promoting the products, selling them and keeping an account of the finances as well as the annual turnover.

Therefore, there are so many people working together to run the company appropriately. To make sure these teams are working efficiently, the heads of the company have to practice friendly and effective leadership styles, so that you maintain the strength of the company and bring out the best work from the employees. These different styles of leadership in business are mentioned below. Take a look.


The authoritarian style is a negative styles that is implemented only in a few sections to maintain discipline among the employees. In the authoritarian style, there is one main authority who makes the rules, and the rest of the group is expected to follow without questioning. The style is based on the power of the main position and shouldn't be used in companies where there are teams for functioning.


This is a more liberal and open minded style of leading a company. It is also known as "authoritative" and includes the participation of all the employees, where every individual's opinions are valued and used. There is communication between the heads of the company and the employees, thus making this style a very positive style.


In case of the delegative style, the management gives the employees all the liberties to make their own decisions. They are not held by force and can practice their skills in any desired manner. The free rein style is not a very big hit, and can be considered as a positive and negative style of leadership. This style usually leads to confusion and may not help the company in leading.


The transactional style is slightly similar to the authoritarian style, as the leader has to maintain a specific status in the company. However, the employee and employer can have informal agreements but are not supposed to be made formal, because of the employer-employee method in the company.


In the transformational style, there is a give and take relationship between the management and the employees. The creativity of the employees is on what the company is run and these efforts are respected as well as appreciated by the authorities. There are team building activities for the employees during their training sessions, and they are made aware of the policies of the company in advance, to give them the liberty to choose their style of work.

There are many other versions of these leadership styles where each company comes up with their own. However, if you want to make your employees perform and help the company succeed, it is very important to hear, support and appreciate their work.

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