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There were 141 male responses and 14 female responses. In order to more meaningfully calculate the income and partner averages, I threw out the top five and bottom five male outliers and the top and bottom female outliers.

First, the men. Their average age is 37.8 years (median 37) with an average annual income of 74.8 (65k) and 7 (3) lifetime sexual partners. 76% are religious, 24% are not. 49% are married, 51% are unmarried, and 14% have been divorced. Most of the divorced men remain unmarried.

As for the women, their average age is 36 (median 36.5), their average annual income is 31k (22.5k), and they have had an average of 6 (4) lifetime sexual partners. 86% are religious, 14% are not. 50% are married, 50% are unmarried, and 14% have been divorced.


1. The 80/20 rule is largely substantiated. Even if the outliers aren't included, the 20% (27) most sexually successful men had sex with 617 of the 921 women involved, or 67% of them. But since the Alphas and Sigmas tend, by definition, to be outliers, it's necessary to include them here even though we didn't in attempting to determine what is average. Including all 10 outliers meant that the 28 most sexually successful men had sex with 1099 of the 1447 women, or 76%. So, in the interest of precision, it should probably henceforth be described as the 75/20 rule, wherein 20 percent of the men are having 75% of the sexual encounters.

2. The ALPHA cutoff point is readily apparent when looking at the data. Interestingly enough, this is the same 15+ partner point that the Centers for Disease Control uses when it divides men into various groups based on the numbers of partners.

3. Women were significantly more pro-marriage than men. 86% of women were either satisfied with their marriage or interested in getting married versus 63% of men. In general, divorced and irreligious men were the most likely to be anti-marriage. Younger men were very slightly less likely to be pro-marriage, but the average difference between the pro- and anti-marriage camps was only one year. To the extent that the "marriage strike" exists, it appears to cover the full range of male ages.

4. Monetary success does tend to correlate with sexual success for men. The average income of the 28 ALPHAs, who had an average age of 38, was 50% higher than the average at 112k. The average income of the male virgins, whose average age was 31, was 16% lower than the norm at 63k. Now, obviously the additional seven years was an advantage in providing more time to increase income and gain sexual experience, though not enough to account for the full disparity. And yet, money is clearly not the only determinant since there are ALPHAS with no income and virgins with very high incomes. Still, throwing out just one outlier on both ends would make the correlation even stronger.

5. Despite the explanations previously provided, many respondents still appear to have a hard time understanding what a Sigma is. A Sigma is neither a male loner nor a unique and precious snowflake, but is probably best understood as the introverted variant of the Alpha. If a man is not in the 15+ category, then it should not be hard to understand that he is very, very unlikely to be at the apex of the socio-sexual hierarchy, barring serious religious devotion from a very young age. So, while it is remotely possible for there to be a male Sigma with 0 or 1 partners, there are none with more than 1 or less than 15.

6. There is a noticeable difference between the Alphas and the High Alpha players. The obvious dividing line there is around 40+ partners. So, there is the all-important distinction which many women have requested. Any man with more than 30+ historical partners should probably be assumed to be a ruthless player intrinsically unfit for a long-term relationship as 62% of the men in this category were anti-marriage; only the male virgins, at 66%, were more strongly anti-marriage. Compare to this the 80% of alphas in the 15-30 partner category who were pro-marriage; all of those in this category who were anti-marriage were irreligious and most were divorced.

7. There is a correlation between female income and greater partner count. Women with 8+ partners averaged 70k income. Women with 0-4 partners averaged 34k income.

More as I continue to sort through the data.

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