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Heres The First Step To Discover Your Big Mission

Heres The First Step To Discover Your Big Mission
"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history." Mahatma Gandhi

"Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you're alive, it isn't." Richard Bach

I have been thinking about each of you. Spring will soon be here and to me that's a symbol of rebirth and re-energizing. More and more people are asking the question, "What's my mission? What's my soul purpose? What's going to give me a sense of true fulfillment in this life?" These questions are close to my heart because I can't imagine living my life without a sense of mission, a feeling that I am part of something bigger than myself that gives me a sense of purpose.

So, I want to share something magical that has been happening with my clients over the past several years that I believe can help you in finding your mission. But first, I need to give you some background story!

For 20 years I've held a clinical hypnosis practice where I've helped people quit smoking, lose weight and break the patterns of a myriad of problems and problem feelings. In fact, in the past couple of years, because of the new technology on the internet and with mobile devices, I have begun working with clients all over the U.S. and even in other countries!

Perhaps because people are feeling a time crunch in their lives, my clients have been more eager than ever to have their personal breakthroughs as rapidly as possible so they can get on with living meaningful, fulfilling lives. As a result, I was receiving an increasing number of requests from people who wanted a way to work with me that would condense their time spent to produce their rapid personal breakthroughs!

In response to these requests, I began creating VIP Half Day and Full Day intensives which consolidates several sessions into one day of powerful breakthroughs. I also began creating Private Platinum Transformational Programs where clients could work with me in an exclusive way that I had never offered before. A way that has produced very deep transformative results by clearing deep stubborn hidden barriers that had been blocking them in the areas of love, money, weight loss, and confidence.

And guess what? My clients who were investing in VIP Days and Private Platinum Programs were sharing more than little fact their results were life changing! Here are the outcomes they are experiencing:

oProblem emotions finally resolved after years of struggle.

oMassive energy to take their lives to the next level.

oIncreased sense of mental clarity and focus.

oA new found sense of self-love and self-worth (key to everything!)

oA release from fear and self-sabotage.

oPositive changes in their careers.

oA new found sense of passion and PURPOSE!

One thing I kept hearing over and over in ALL of these programs was my clients joyfully telling me, "I'm not even the same person anymore!"

I can't tell you how elated I feel every time this happens with a client. I consider it a sacred journey for me to help facilitate these massive breakthroughs and bear witness to my clients as they reinvent themselves and birth a new phase in their life filled with energy and passion!

Upon reflection, I see clearly how much energy they were diverting into these problem emotions and habits and how it had been keeping them stuck and sabotaging the clarity and momentum they needed to move forward with their lives. The problem emotions and mindsets had been diverting massive amounts of life force energy causing them to feel stuck in a holding pattern where they were literally just trying to survive each day.

Now, with all this new found energy resulting from a more positive mindset and positive emotions, my clients were energized and asking for the next step! They started asking me to help them use hypnosis and mentoring to clear their limiting money beliefs and focus on discovering their BIG purpose, the thing that is going to allow them to live their lives with a sense of personal fulfillment. So we did it!

And then even more magic happened! Once my clients cleared their subconscious barriers and started getting clear on their big mission, it was a natural next step to help many of them launch their start-up businesses having helped dozens of businesses do just that over the past three decades.

Many of you who are local to Charleston, South Carolina may have heard of Seeking Indigo. I structured and helped launch the wellness division of Seeking Indigo which is a trendy retail and wellness oasis located right in the heart of Charleston on King Street.

And the excitement continued to grow for me! I had found my career sweet spot! Yippee! My business model lovingly evolved so that I now help accelerate my clients through various phases of their personal, professional growth and spiritual growth. For me, this is a profound experience. Why? I am honored to be facilitating a beautiful journey where I get to see my clients break through, birth their big mission and be brilliant!

Below is a summary outline of this signature process that I call Money, Mission, and Moxy. I hope it encourages you to look at your barriers in a different light knowing that what you heal within yourself will often reveal a huge part of your unique gift to the world! The world needs your unique brilliance! And guess what? Clearing your hidden barriers with money, love, food, and problem emotions will free up so much energy for you that before you know it, you will be daydreaming about creating your dream job and dream life! I see it happening again and again.

STEP 1: CLAIM YOUR MOXIE! Clear your emotional mindset barriers to become confident and courageous!

STEP 2: CLAIM YOUR MONEY! Discover your hidden money personality type so that you can clear your hidden barriers to abundance, wealth, and receiving in all areas of your life!

STEP 3: CLAIM YOUR MISSION! Get clarity on your soul purpose and how to align your spiritual destiny with your financial destiny!

STEP 4: CLAIM YOUR MOMENTUM! Step by step guidance how to turn your unique brilliance into a thriving business by creating your own signature programs.

STEP 5: CLAIM YOUR LIGHT! Become the type of leader that the Dalai Lama said would save our world, inspire others shine your light!

So if you are struggling to discover your soul purpose or BIG mission, I want to encourage you. That insight will come naturally once you take the steps to clear the hidden barriers that are keeping you stuck in just surviving the day.

Which step are you ready to go after? No matter where you are, know that it's a vital piece of your journey and that there are resources to help you get to the next step easily, and naturally!


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