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What Is Reality For Everyone In Putney

What Is Reality For Everyone In Putney


Through extensive studies of people's individual experiences it has been observed how that has affected their language patterns and of course influenced their understanding of reality. As a result of that research the NLP Metmodel was created. It is highly improbable that any one human being's perception of reality will be very similar to another's. If will often appear on the surface that everyone's reality is the same or similar, especially on the every day things that we share but even a cursory exploration will soon reveal otherwise.

To give you some kind of illustration of what I mean, imagine a group of 100 people in an audience seeing a particular character perform on stage that they have never seen before. Then take each person to one side afterwards and ask them to describe the character and you will get 100 varied descriptions. Certainly it would probably include some recurring themes and elementary similarities but mainly personal reflections of each individual's reality. Even if people questioned each other about exactly what they each saw, how could they describe it in terms that are measurable, because whatever comparisons people might make will be influenced by their individual perception of the object they compared it to. You might try to describe a food to someone who hasn't tried it before, and start to compare it to another food or a mixture of foods but more this or that.

For further illustrations we might look more closely at some of our more personal items like maybe a best loved chair. For further illustrations we might look more closely at some of our more personal items like maybe a favourite top to wear. {Other people might view it as just another common item of clothing, or a particular style of top to wear. }

The example that I have given has a positive emotional element to it whether we realise it or not those positive feelings will definitely influence how we see things and therefore affect our reality.

On the other hand a negative example may have arisen from a unpleasant childhood experience of being humiliated in the classroom and therefore your reality of any group is likely to be that are intimidating in some way.

I am not just talking about differing opinions here, the point that I am establishing is our experiences and feelings literally affect what we see with our eyes, we just cannot separate the two. Our reality is not only different from everyone else's but it is constantly evolving and changing all the time.

The NLP Metamodel outlines three types of mind maps and divides those into thirteen sub categories of patterns and presents a clear insight into understanding how our reality continues to evolve and why other people see things completely differently.

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