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Happy Or Sad Ending

Happy Or Sad Ending
Hi Everybody,

I need advice!

Once more 2 time ago, I posted about a girl I broadly meet, but who had a boyfriend. I got some great advice from people, and I got the girl :)

Now, we've been together for 2 time, and we've been cushion happy. We've traveled the world and dead to peculiar locations, dead to great parties, had all the funny moments, etc. We're totally in love.

But now, I involve to park - am I separation to amalgamate this girl?

Truthfully, it sounds great, such as I think she's startling in a lot of ways, hot, smart, bold, broadly enlightened and immense as a person, and we get knock back cushion well - we broadly get each added. (I greet what you're thinking - tell me to weekend away with her so you can find her ;) So, if near ever was a checklist, it'd be all check off.

All the same, is that the way to go about this? Development say it's not a checklist, and it's about "just worldly wise." And I don't "just greet." But I think I don't just greet, such as I involve these mental fears about not having "lived the life" of an attractive, young man - I greet, the kindly of show that Hollywood sells us.

I feel like I don't know it's not my time yet. I just can't fancy individually married. But I moreover haven't ever broadly tried. I think I find the idea of being a married man frightening.

Revelry made a good point that, having been in a relationship for 2 time, our lives now are old-fashioned to a great extent what they'd be like after getting married. And if I'm happy with now, next I'd be happy with what comes after marriage. I think that's a good point. But is that enough? I'm happy - I'm not crazy confused, but I'm happy, in a unexcitable, jovial way, like after you've had a real big, lip smacking breakfast time.

So, I ask all over, on the PUA forum, such as a lot of guys all over are good at attraction and are able to be with visit pleasing women. The same as flips the staff that makes you say, I just greet I want to amalgamate her? Is it just by thinking about it and feeling like you will be happy for the rest of your life? Is it satisfactory to just greet you will be happy? Do you involve to be way superfluous than happy? Is it not lasting a treatment act, and it's superfluous like you just involve some crazy, secret, enchanted feeling or something? Or is it like the olympics of dating, everyplace one girl comes, you contemplate her, the as a consequence girl comes, you contemplate her, and one day you think you've got some girl who scores so high that you involve to give her the gold present and dead bolt her down? Is it such a ponder show, everyplace you think you're getting such a great deal? Or is it broadly that indescribable, make-believe "just worldly wise" feeling?

In the same way as, if this is a ponder show, next we poverty simply go for it. But if it's all about instinct - and I've got some doubts, no matter how immature/dumb about spellbound out on added girls, next we shouldn't.

We've had this great story together, but now the ball's in my see to park how this courtship part ends.

EDIT: I poverty obtain that I'm almost 32, was a nerd give orders private school and college, only started getting social in my 20s, been with 4 girls, 2 of which were obvious relationships - so, on a arithmetical level, I'm acute I'd be selling children by getting married now. Also, I feel like after 30, I principal to get it, and I principal to understand superfluous what women want, what I've got to contribute, how to consumption stake - I feel like the 30s for men are sometimes compared to the 20s for girls. I'm shy I'd be flexible up my "fair-haired age." If she came knock back a long time ago I'm like 36 or no matter which, I think I'd totally amalgamate her.


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