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The Number One Thing To Avoid When Talking To Women

The Number One Thing To Avoid When Talking To Women
When men talk to women, they often have no clue as to how many mistakes they make during the conversation. Because of this they often screw up their chances with the girl they are talking with, by saying or doing stupid things that make her lose interest.

The biggest mistake that I have seen men make though is what I call jumping through hoops. A lot of men have this idea that they have to jump through the hoops that women throw in front of them. They try to pass the tests that women give them.

The sad thing though is that most guys can't even spot a test when a woman throws it out, and even if he is smart enough to see she is testing him, he usually has no clue as to how to respond to the test.

The simple truth is, there is no magic formula when it comes to passing the tests that women throw at you. The first thing you need to do is get really good at spotting them. It happens in every conversation that women have with men. They say things to see how you will respond, they do things to see how you will react. And your response will either make them attracted to you or it will make them lose interest in you.

So how exactly do you make sure that your response is always the right one? It's quite simple really. So here goes.

Just show her that you aren't interested in trying to pass her tests.If she tells you to buy her a drink, tell her girls are there to buy you drinks not the other way round. The basic idea is really simple.

If you say or do the thing that you believe will impress her, she will pick up on that. And she will then assume that you are trying to get something from her. Most probably sex. She will then assume that everything you are saying or doing is your way of trying to get her into bed. This means you will automatically have no chance of getting her into bed.

On the other hand if you seem uninterested in passing her tests and impressing her, she will not think that you are trying to get her into bed. And by doing this she will then start thinking why. Every other guy tries to impress her but you aren't trying. Why?

Maybe because you have higher standards. Maybe she is not good enough for you. This will make her interested in you and you will notice that she will start chasing you.

This is exactly what you want.

But the only way to make it happen is to show her that you are not trying to pass her tests and that you are not interested in her. It might not make any sense, but it works over and over.

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