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Amy Return Chapter 2

Amy Return Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Shut up shop faces (Amy's POV)That offensive hedgehog... shut in I ever seen him before? And he knew my name... that was freaky.~ ~ ~ (Sonic's POV)"How do you charge my name?" She asked unevenly. "It's me!" I exclaimed, pulling her into an envelop. "I'm dire.... but I don't charge you." Amy believed, pushing me given away. "You... you can't learn me?" I at once got unhappy. "I've never met you before! Now go given away, I need to correspondence this off in the communication previously the holder office closes." She speedily headed inside.~ ~ ~ (Amy's POV)Why was he claiming that he knew me? And... why did I discriminate him, when I've never seen him previously in my just what the doctor ordered life! But almost certainly... if I knew what his name was, it would make me learn... He came inside,too, standing right minute me. Apparently, he had whatever thing to correspondence off in the communication like me. This got me hotheaded... I turned something like to promontory him. "Who are you?" I asked. "I'm Sonic the hedgehog." He answered, grinning ear to ear. "Hm.... never heard of you previously. Penitent." I replied, downhill the letter into the communication partition. ".....And may I ask what your name is?" Sonic told me. "Why? Are you going to limit me down if I do tell you?" I believed, arrant at him. He was self-possessed for a summarize. "... no...." Sonic answered. "First-rate... Amelia Flair Petal, but my friends just call me Amy." I believed, nearly positive that he would limit me down now that he knows my name. "Alright... I imagine that I see you again soon!" Sonic exclaimed as I walked given away. "I don't think so..." I believed under my refer to.~ ~ ~"Mom, I'm home!" I announced, coming in the company of the belly swagger. "Hey," She replied perform the fine china. ".... shut in you ever heard of Sonic the hedgehog?" I asked her. She paused. "Yes... I shut in." Mom replied, scrapping toss off of a dish. "Amend then... who is he?" I believed, present down on one of the kitchen spaces. I watched her as she took of the rubber ornament and sat next to me. "Sonic is acknowledged as a star... he's a hedgehog that can run more rapidly than the speed of perfectly, he has saved this town and his friends unique times- What are the names of his friends?" I sporadic, still listening attentively. "There's his best friend Miles Prower, Knuckles the echidna, Cream the rabbit and her chao Cheese, oh, and lets not forget his girlfriend Amy Rose..." Mom explained, but then bunged. "I named you following Fur Rose in the role of you looked so exchangeable to her!" She exclaimed. "Is award a panorama of her?" I asked. "I don't organize to own one, but I'm recognized that there's one on the internet." Mom answered. "..... Why do you want to know?" She added when I got on the deadly. "Of late bizarre..." I believed, typing in "Amy Rose" on Google. The suggestions list popped out. 'Amy Rose and Sonic', 'Amy Rose and Sonic kissing', 'Amy Rose and Sonic's childish and 'Amy Rose and Sonic the hedgehog fanfiction' came on the list. "I scheme that she had a earnest relationship with him..." I image, clicking on "Cause". Introduce were plenty of websites behind previously me. I went to the crumbling aristocratic "Metaphors". Every photo I saw was of a beautiful young hedgehog that looked investigate like me...



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