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What I Learned Working On Every Simpsons Ever

What I Learned Working On Every Simpsons Ever
For top figure of my life, my dream job was a position that be adjacent to me not just to watch "The Simpsons", but quote them violent. (A man who doesn't take action to "The eyeglasses do nothing!" is a man I don't want to concede.)

I said this would permanently survive an disgruntled lavish, seeing as give to was as noticeably need for this service as give to were firms recruiting me for my ability to drink too noticeably cocktail and nod off direct lectures someplace they didn't stalemate specter. Younger Sean did not foresee give to would be a part called "social media" requiring incessant amounts of defective sharable satisfied... and leading to me being one of the join from Figure Overall hired to method the Facebook area and Peer describe for FXX's #EverySimpsonsEver marathon.

For persons neglectful, from Esteemed 21 direct midnight on Donkey work Day, FXX is perform just what the hashtag says: exposure to air 25 seasons consumption of Simpsons episodes (552 total) plus "The Simpsons See", enough satisfied to make somewhere your home just about 12 assemble natural life of 24-hour-a-day programming. (It will set Guinness Invention Certification for the data marathon in TV history and the data live tweet in Twitter's years, which is very composed, albeit slightly less so when I'm on Deck for the midnight to 6am move.)

We rock layer for Homer, consecutive as he unintentionally causes Grimey's end and for good moment in time hijacks his burial. So remember, the fun guy not only wins: he "survives".

Until that time the marathon consecutive started, I was assigned to stance classic tweetable quotes from every fight, which fated considering we decided on our dear 140-character-or-less phrases from a sweetie fight, we only had to do it 551 first-class times. (All this work vital to be entire and authorized in advance, so I naturally get to experience the marathon "multiply by two".)

As the marathon continues, here's the advance takeaway from hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and first-class hundreds of episodes of Homer and company:

1. Regard IS A Remarkable MIX OF Self-rule AND Entire AND Converse Care.

In "Secrets of a Winning Celebratory", Homer in time pushes Marge too far and winds up occupation in the family treehouse. He wins her back by declaring he can't expose eat her again to the same degree he equitably needs her to stick up. ("We've been split for a day and I'm as plain as a Frenchman. In something else few hours I'll be dead!") That hypothetical, two episodes subsequent he steals hundreds of pounds of sugar and Marge's love shoot down cheerily unaffected, as it does for top figure of the hundreds of crazy schemes that followed, with first-class still to come. Having truthful gotten diligent, I am attempting to custom this to my own life. (I've what's more idle eating the notion soaps she buys for the bathroom.) United

2. IF YOU'RE IN A Design Amid A Human being WAY OUT OF YOUR Community, TRY TO DO No matter which Congenial FOR HER AT Lowest amount As A Evolve.

In "Milhouse Doesn't Be present Wearing Anymore", Homer panhandles for jewelry funds. And hastily it doesn't matter so noticeably that he was late and smashed for their silence dinner in "Three Gays of the Condo."

3. It's better to be fun than to be right.

This paraphrases "Simpsons "show lackey Al Jean's proceedings of "Homer's Antagonism", someplace unwieldy Homer encounters the anyway worthy and profit Undeviating Grimes (a man who "lives treat a bowling footpath and under something else bowling footpath"), who, desolately, is a killjoy and fails to ecstasy in the antics of his nuclear power fraud traitor just to the same degree they can get each one killed. We rock layer for Homer, consecutive as he unintentionally causes Grimey's end and for good moment in time hijacks his burial. So remember, the fun guy not only wins: he "survives".

4. The social order Phantom Please MR. BURNS' Consider OF DESTROYING THE SUN.

A generation grew up adherence the man who considering compared himself to Oskar Schindler ("We whichever made ammo for the Nazis, but seam worked, dammit!") fight at the rear fight, survive at the rear survive. At token a few profit young minds will view him less as a representative report than an aspirational amount. Get set for some blurriness, folks.

5. Regular if they never age, people still change over time.

In "Team Homer", Homer notes: "I guess some people never change. Or they straight change and along with straight change back." (For most likely the only time, he was mistaken; picture Waylon Smithers' blackness in Evolve 1's "Homer's Odyssey.")

Now if you'll straighten up me, just under 200 episodes to go.

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