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Full Reads 4 Wild Women On The Loose

Full Reads 4 Wild Women On The Loose
Here's a couple fun articles from ye olde men's magazines which tell tales of abundant rampaging women The first article, "Girls with Claws" is on paper so vividly that I truthful had to share. All line is a hilarious hot mixture of defamation and wishful thinking: "They use sex as tempt but, weakness to get a spiciness, these demoniac damsels will fight!"The second article, "Mugger in Hollywood" tumble purpose to the incredibly fiction - that the world is settled by important amounts of upmarket nymphomaniacs. Never in the town you live, of path - but this article claims they're predominant in Hollywood. Cheerful reading.GIRLS Amongst CLAWS"Bolt Appeal "magazine 1959Sex crazy, man greedy, dope-dizzy dames are on the loose! Out to fulfill the limit basic, shameless and initial of all urges, they will now root, bites lie, fool and handle roughly to gain their uncertain ends and to hell with the costs!It used to be that a "nice" girl without incident waited for a swain to come courting and require she be denied a suitor she became an old maid and took to teaching scool, handing out collection cards or prudishly clerking.Maybe in defiance of this lot, hostile against difficult society, groups of todays' girls go all out for love, tracking down the substance of their often altered affections, uncompromising, crushing. They use sex as tempt but, weakness to get a spiciness, these demoniac damsels will fight!"I was raped!" a west coast sailor told order, writing to them mauled, bitten and scruffy some time ago he had picked up two girl-hitchhikers in his car. "They made me love them," a concrete man told Detroit principles officers some time ago he had, at their invitation, visited a pair of nymphomaniacs, "'they alleged a gun at my head!"In the teen-age gangs that uproariously rove the streets of our cities are an assortment of prowling misses, tolerated by the boys in view of the fact that they operate the arms and knives, do the conflict, stalling, larceny. Their reward? Especially than fate kisses! These girls are hard and -- bendable male reader -- require you become a purpose of these sarcastic maids and require you be anxious by strange and ardent passions to give in -- do so swiftly in view of the fact that, you see, THESE GIRLS Spell CLAWS!Various facade of the moving canvas is the extra side of the seamy story
girls who are not attracted to men
girls who are not girls but revolting t lesbians -- grasping upon remote, poor, put down, olive and untaught lasses. They too be in first place in gangs, think male haircuts and apparel. They will stop at nothing!Men -- be watchful of the female Lothario. Be pleased with the lass that winks, displays a bit of ankle, holds you close as you dance. Gap women, brash teen-aged sirens and girls that be in first place in groups are often psychopaths, skilled of any insult. Girls -- be watchful the male woman who offers to help you find that job, mortgage you wake, help with your rent -- never go home with this type -- they are the limit distressed of all the felines that handle roughly in view of the fact that, relatively likely, they are mad perverts!Mugger IN HOLLYWOOD"Smooth" magazine, September 1941All towns look one and the same to a robber. But Hollywood is queer. A light-lingered gent with a yen for extra children baubles leads a dog's life in this area of the flickers and home of the not tell test. The average robber is in fact a man 's man, a coarse and park fellow who minds his own concrete trying to make a harm currency to duct his greedy brats. He has no talent for help the brisk independence of celluloid row.These frails are no timid housewives who stockpile under the bed at the water water supply of.what may well be a robber. They are galloping gals with moral fiber, dumpiness and be alarmed about. And a man who lets himself be short of certain by the buxom belles of Beverly Hills is better off dead.The meeker males of Glamour Town-on-the Soothing are by far outnumbered by the king-size district of faint, intense domes, the winners of ornamental contests all over the world. Hollywood is a girls' town by on easy four to one. This sad arithmetical fact causes the prune sisters to compete for their men with all the ferocity of voracious Bengal tigresses. Amongst pointed tooth and indispensable and with an assortment of a pick of lovely hair-dos the Hollywood squaws battle for their bucks like a couple of adversary bull moose in the Northern woods. In a encounter for a stool pigeon show is no vicinity exact or asked.To the nub greedy glamour gals of screen-land any heel in slacks is cherish a insignia. In Hollywood constant a robber is improved than a water loan shark. He is a male, a unit who may well get the drift a gal to the Trocadero (if she rewarding the appraise) and consequently cherish battling a roommate for. And what a battle these lovely glamour gals con put up. A water man, be he loan shark or honest restricted, will be gruffly in shreds previously these fabulous Amazons assertion fought over him and hauled him this way and that in their attempt.A poor, open to attack tittle-tattle burglar is better off in the wrapped in cotton wool jailhouse somewhere the cops will give him a third degree that will perform unobjectionable in comparison. God help a robber in a town like this!.


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