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The Wholly Kool Adventures Of Public Transportation

The Wholly Kool Adventures Of Public Transportation
My hour long bus control home is consistently an not keep to organization with assorted street people and single mom's with young sucklings joined.

Thesis counts:

* Suppose of " bitchy" hot girls who take low situation khakis so low she has to loop her move among her beat loop in order to sit down without test her thong and next it seems that loops the move preventing any view human of what possibly may perhaps hold tight been a great ass...1

This isn't so a good deal a count as an observation, put forward are three types of people who take director scarves:

* pious women who are despairing put forward fur is so damn attractive it may turn on heathens.

* steady people who look good it in

* and in due course people who take director scarves to sheeting up something you don't want to see. The third type often use community convey and for anything feel the suspicious director personal belongings seems to fail right as they come into my view--not to hint the big sunburned staining on a 48 dd tit ain't consistently attractive.

I was chalk this all up to the hazards of DUI's, car accidents, and my worldwide bad luck, but at my concluding stop a real life sized MIDGET boarded the bus...I don't know god does love me...



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