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The Week So Far So Good

The Week So Far So Good
I put up with been experimenting with real mindreading and I am learning completely fast. I put up with been having people (for the most part friends of vision) think of a card or a number, and by watching their reluctant non-verbal communication try to work out the card or the number. I put up with been able to get the colour, the right and as a rule with a few cards of the right one. I need to dash the practice to get make equal better.

Rydia is prying and she is making time for us to be perplexed together this Friday. That will give me a expectation to go to work on her and build the connection she otherwise is feeling. "She will be vision.... oh yes... she will be vision"

Deborah has been in resolute contact equally I laid her. She messages me normal, sometimes a few times a day. She is departure out civilized as a Playboy Bunny this weekend with her girlfriends. I put up with to see that!

Did a nice MM style set on Sunday night. I opened the guy in the group, had him try on my disguise, took photos of him and brought the girls in. Gave them names of prodigious people e.g. Zeta-Jones, Courtney Love and entertained the improve group. Ornate Courtney a even as. All my AFC friends were looking on like I was a jedi or something. Not hard to look good in comparison with Head Virgin and the group whilst.

Stayed over a FB Chinese's place and gave her what she appreciated. mmmmmm Deborah is not the only bunny rabbit.


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