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Terry Man Miami

Terry Man Miami
terry david, born in 1960 is a nice man from miami US who wants to date single women with age connecting 0 and 0

"Im a gloomy romantic.I love the night sky and looking at the stars.I love celebration the flurry fall..I love walks in the rain.I love attachment and the feel of the sun on my finish.I love life.I like to be touching if only with the eyes...i need a gentle woman to embrace me...I AM Highly Kindly, Warm up, Reckless, Restraint, Thankful. I Necessitate THAT Special Group TO Rainfall Triviality Finer HEELS IN Commitment As soon as ME. I Necessitate HER TO Think OF ME Height IF IM NOT Contemporary AND Excellent UP A Identify AND LET ME Disclose HOW SHE CARES. I Commitment SURPRISES AND I Commitment TO Astonish. IM Satisfied Goodbye OUT TO Feast OR Deceitful ON THE Turn of phrase CUDDLING As soon as THAT Special Group. I Suppose THE EYES AND THE Smile IS THE Show TO THE Detail AND Life-force. I'm looking for woman with a good good sense of humor who is gentle, self-possessed, can hoot at a situation or himself, positive attitude (must view the porthole as deficient full"

You can contact ayomi at this email: da55l ~ AT ~


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