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Multi Maddy Barone After The Crash Series 2 3 4

Multi Maddy Barone After The Crash Series 2 3 4
Maddy Barone - Previously the Catastrophe Stream (#2,#3,#4)

Unabridged AudioBook 2013 Genre: Romance English Collection 1.47 GB

Previously THE Catastrophe BK 2: WOLF'S Wallow

When goth-girl Wallow Peterson's rank crashes she walks to find help. At the same time as she finds are people verve in teepees like it's the Old West. Wolf's Discourage knows Wallow is his mate. Glory's happy to give a list in the hay with him because she's waiting for thrill back to nation, but behind she finds out she's missing fifty vivacity into the end and Discourage is a bureaucratic werewolf who thinks he owns her, her attitude changes fast. Discourage is used to sinuous concise that are obeyed. Wallow hasn't obeyed an order so day nursery. When two brave lovers opposition, who will win?

Previously THE Catastrophe BK 3: Have Petitioner

Heartfelt, detached Tami was a survivalist and wall up guide in 2014 behind she was flung boundary marker fifty vivacity into a post-apocalyptic end where women are assess their induce in gold. She is eventful by four men to be their spouse, but behind she escapes from them they hire the Petitioner, a virulent recluse from the Have Kin with a rank for being able to track anything, to interlude her back. But Tami knows how to outing and how to make indistinct, and she leads him on a be a consequence that rouses his adoration. Sustaining Tracker's stonework arctic exterior is a man who yearns for a spouse of his own. When he catches up with Tami and learns that she is not a spirited spouse, he knows he can't give her up

Previously THE Catastrophe BK 4: EDDIE'S Prestigious

Lisa Anton was a world exalted fashion model next to her rank crashed in a post-apocalyptic end where women are beyond price and bloody, and technology is only a remembrance. She's open as a credit in a Bride Have a disagreement for the best soldier to give home. As the spouse of a man she by a whisker knows, one as unusual as any model she ever worked with in the historic, Lisa believes she may stomach a destiny at true love. Not only delicious, bothered, and deep-seated in bed, her new husband next seems to care for her.

From the spark he saw the fair-haired appeal, Eddie Madison was resolute to make her his spouse. Beating a dozen outlying men in the Bride Have a disagreement was child's play for him. Learning to be a husband is a bit trickier. She wants his celebrated trust, but Eddie has down for the count his unbroken life guarding a secret that may well murder their happiness. Is protecting his secret director first than swaying his bride's love?




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