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Psychic Scam

Psychic Scam
I was flabbergasted to find this "gypsy" seer, Zena on the internet. I expected a reading from her in 2003 some time ago this con artist was in action a soiled party in Hollywood. I was in a bad relationship at that time, and compulsory some support just to get passing through a day. It was that bad. I was only 23 years old. The attention-grabbing is that Zena advertised her con service in free Japanese magazines strew by local Japanese supermarket in Los Angeles, and that's how I got her contact information. For some begin, offering was a woman's name, Atsuko, downcast in the ad so Japanese people may perhaps call this woman without leave-taking passing through a worry in the same way as a range of of them are weird students without appreciably speaking skills. And Japanese people are leader promising to trust what if the secret contact is Japanese!

Anyways reading was only 25, but it was a lot for a thin partisan like me at that time. Along with I gave her 30 expecting her to give me back 5. Along with she was shocking and told me that was a tip and she was leave-taking to burn some candles for me. Her reading was nothing powerful, wasn't fixed not to be faulted. I think what she was law was just trying to see how weak her customers are. While you can tell. You can tell doesn't matter what bullshit you say to further customers, and all these gypsy scammers do is to remain to assemble and con their customers that they are understand the dexterous people who can heal what and break anything-including blaspheme. If that doesn't work, she would exposed scaring you by saying that the blaspheme will remain to get drop unless whatever thing is complete and it will fixed be wrong with my family. This is strong what this Zena told me 10 years ago. I was heartbroken after that but I knew that whatever thing was wrongness with her.

She on offer to do some meditation and candle dying..and the exposed rate for this service is 500..only500 to break my curse! lol I didn't carry any money back after that. Along with she told me that I may perhaps pay with my stick to card. lol and fixed make expenses. so the indicator shortest would be 120. I was just turned off by the time she started to compress me to pay for all these air force that I didn't need nor was I interested. and I think she mentioned whatever thing about the return leave-taking to the help in India.

Previously I went to the store, offering was a man answering christen. I don't differentiate if he was her brother or her husband, but some time ago I came in, they were all genial and chummy, and as abruptly as Zena the con realized that I wasn't leave-taking to pay, she was perceptibly eager with me and after that the further guy who was genial me 30 proceedings ago became a total jerk. I think he alleged whatever thing like "you are not getting meditation service? are you sure?" after that didn't thank me for coming in or what and they were certainly shocking. I was cross that I wanted my 30 back! and MY Full stop. lol

I feel so bad that offering are a range of complaints about this woman. Her real name is Christine Eli according to some sources, but who knows? Family tree like that change their names all the times. Give to is a troublesome letter about this woman, who has a college degree and is a professional professional but in some way fell for this scam. Zena resiliently told her that she compulsory refining, meditation etc..and she dull up agile her a large sum of cash..large..we are talking about leader than 20 grans popular so I was so inclined to learn that Zena was according to the grapevine arrested in LA and she has been under probation in the past.

And yes, as a range of further alleged, the critical part of this woman is that she uses "God" to scam people. and people who are feeling weak. I am a strong aficionado of Fortune. If she does whatever thing like that to scam weak people, she is leave-taking to get what she deserves. and it looks like she is in the past getting one. :)

My borderline close relative loves leave-taking to psychics and mediums. I do assume in mediums in the same way as my mom took me to one some time ago I was 14 and she was all a seer and hub. She predicted my anticipated boyfriend and very alleged whatever thing about me very truly. She didn't differentiate what about me but she reads people by tryout her supritual guide talk to her. She wasn't law that to make money. It's in Thailand but she charged us only 5 and she herself looked very ill and I think she was blind at that anyways never fall for tarot readers, psychics, palm readers..these are jokes. everyone can be skillful to do that, and the one who tells you to pay money is the one you want to take place away from. That's how they make a living. they would do what.


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