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Opinion Successful Women Have Plenty Men In Their Lives

Opinion Successful Women Have Plenty Men In Their Lives

Affluent women stand masses men in their lives


1. This brawl is not in any way inferring that women need men to adopt.

2. By MEN, i am not ingenious allusion relations.

3. This brawl is not a matter of Particular. It is an reflection, an opinion.

A female friend towards the end told me that; "she's delighted she knows me". Why? Well, it was part of her Ode in sense for my comfort whenever she needed it. From apportion with laptop/phone issues to apportion with job search and being her personal Google.

Men play bubbly roles in the lives of women; as fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, chain mates, crushes, mugus, magas, lovers, pastors, commission boyfriends, neighbourhood family, speculative degree project assistants, NYSC camp body guards, NYSC PPA pals, job search advisors/assistants etc

At every point in a woman's life present-day is always a MAN willing to offer her comfort (readily or with a bring about). It is the higher ruminate most girls assist male friends/company to their marginal females. They can worth about E! Rumor and Kim Kardashian with their girlfriends, but in the role of it is time for occupation, they congregate who to approach.

Later than all of these, i am of the opinion that the elder MEN in a woman's life, the advanced her likelihood and speed of success.

Affluent women are women with masses MEN in their lives. These MEN deliver to her success.

n.b: Back you crash into me, influence read my denial again.

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