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Is Linkedup Set To Dethrone Tinder

Is Linkedup Set To Dethrone Tinder
This new dating app is called "LinkedUp" and is being marketed as "Dating for professionals" and with Tinder gaining some bad press recently, it could well be perfect timing for a new and more professional dating app to take centre stage and become the leading dating app for singles across the globe.

To clarify LinkedUp has no affiliation with LinkedIn.SO HOW DOES LINKEDUP WORK?

LinkedUp works exactly the same way as Tinder apart from the fact that it uses your LinkedIn profile photo. Once registered you log in, set a search radius for other singles and then simply swipe left for no and right for yes.

When you get a match you are then able to start sending direct messages to each other.WHY ARE LINKEDUP AND TINDER FREE?

What many singles fail to realise is that these dating apps are free because the companies who create them want some of your personal details which are available through your social media accounts.

The reality is that once you accept their terms and conditions and start using their apps they then have access to a wealth of your own individual personal information.WHAT ADVANTAGES DOES LINKEDUP HAVE OVER TINDER?

When Tinder first came on the scene it was a revelation to many single men and women across the world in that they no longer had to take the time to register for an online dating site. Instead, you could simply download the app and organise dates literally within minutes.

However, now that the new buzz of Tinder is beginning to fade away and with the recent bad press, perhaps it is time for a new company to repackage the Tinder concept and make it more professional.So How Can We Make The Most Of LinkedUp For Ourselves

Firstly, as LinkedUp is a new platform it offers us a great opportunity to learn how we can use it to our benefit. We have just finished a 6 month research study into Tinder which you can view here. Early indications with our testing show that similar ways to ignite a new conversation work equally as well.

Since LinkedUp's recent launch we have also found that it's worth taking the extra time and attention to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is written in a professional manner seeing as potential dates are able to access your full profile. Existing clients of ours are already commissioning us to rewrite their LinkedIn profiles which you can view here.

During our research study into Tinder we found that professionally taken head shots didn't perform as well as photos taken with a natural pose. However, now with LinkedUp using your LinkedIn profile picture, our early testing has provided us with enough evidence to suggest that anyone who wishes to use the platform should get a pro shot taken sooner rather than later.

The final and perhaps most interesting way that we can take advantage of this brand new dating app, is in the fact that it's being marketed as "Dating for professionals". We have found that this automatically engages women and makes them far more likely to give you the opportunity to interact, as opposed to Tinder where you really could be messaging anyone.

Indeed, the mere fact that you have a professional LinkedIn profile presupposes that you already possess certain attractive qualities to women.So Are There Any Drawbacks To Using LinkedUp As Opposed To Tinder

Primarily, my main concern with this dating app is that despite how LinkedUp may be marketing this new idea, the end result is that we will indeed be mixing business with pleasure, and if the dating doesn't work out then the LinkedUp platform is a little too close to home. Industries are small and all of a sudden you may find yourself in a somewhat precarious position.

Another concern about LinkedUp is that, whilst it may produce new opportunities to meet new women, at the same point you will also be limiting your potential search pool for only the women whose jobs require a LinkedIn profile. Although on the outside LinkedUp may sound new, exciting and full of opportunities, it's also worth taking into consideration the potential problems that can arise from using your professional LinkedIn profile for dating purposes.So What Do I Personally Think Of LinkedUp

In my experience with online dating, I can't help but feel with LinkedUp's already growing user base that they represent one of the only companies that is able to directly impact the use of Tinder. If they decide to put enough resources into marketing the new app, I'm sure that given time LinkedUp will become a common household name among singles worldwide.

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