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YOU Know YOUR Customary TO IRC (Internet Move Swap gossip):

If your service provider calls *you* for tech support.
If accessory at work tells you a josh, and you say "LOL!"
If you cling to ever had a aspiration about the people in your channels.
If you cling to to scroll complete your popup menu.
If your friend tells you whatever thing sad on the dealings and you say "Awwww, me hugs $$1..."
If you've called out accessory else's attain when making love to your girlfriend.
If you are waiting your wife to recognition your chat cry out, but she seems to cling to her ignore on.
If you are bored between 5 haunting channels.
If you would like to join promote than 10 channels but you get a raw seem from IRC server telling: "You cling to joined too normal channels."
If you want to crowd a ShowDowN PrO mirror site just to watch the morsel cap.
If you keep entreating your friends to get an internet write down so "we can hang out."
If you want to meet a girl and your first incentive is to turn on your depot and connect to server.
If you while denouement a weekend to "on the go on your popups."
If you sometimes go to #egypt "just to get revealed from it all."
If you come home from class, look at your roommates, and say "rya."
If you shoulder for your roommates to say "re."
If the words "coup d'?tat, attain failure," and "string" make your source rap faster and your hands a offspring tremulous.
If sometimes you type commands from the unix hurried you mistakenly begin them with a "/"
If you log on to 30min ISP connection just to get off from IRC anxious, to the same extent you can't lay from free will anymore.
If you keep on questioning WINSCK.OCX from the internet for natural life, just to be able to run the WaR Utils.
If your axiom is "AOL Sux."
If you've ever gotten on an level surface just to meet some people encompass to encompass.
If you cling to your script installed in C:\ShowDowN.
If you make it a point to change your cling approximately and quit make a note of tabloid.
If you cling to over 2 megs of.wav and.mid files in your ShowDowN PrO directory.
If your less important ignores your cry out, and you wonder: "he ought be lagged."
If you post internet Christmas cards. *wink*
If you've ever felt the risk to type "*wink*"
If you cling to ever wondered if communicate is a #irc-anon.
If you cling to an IRC linked web area.
If you've ever went to one of individuals form-submit web area 'chats' just to say "You trash don't orderly pass on what IRC is, do you? Huh!? DO YOU!?"
If you join #hispanola "just to work on your Spanish."
If, as soon as accessory on the channel asks if part knows some good servers, each one else types your attain.
If you join engaged channels just to talk to yourself to the same extent the scrolling makes you feel better about it somehow.
If you've ever typed "drinking on IRC is better than drinking alone."
If you feel like you want to block the planner of the "script.ini virus."
If you forget to eat to the same extent you cling to to control your channels from being takeovered.
If you tell somebody to a make a note of in IRC from an old pal of yours and you say: "Sup m8 ! Want tyme noC."
If you want to contact the author of ShowDowN PrO just to ask everywhere to get the.OCX and.DLL files to run the WaR Utils.
If your wife goes into spadework and you stop to type a "captivating" revealed make a note of.
If you cling to a pride car tag with your attain on it.
If you've been lagged and ICMP'ed so bad that you've switched servers so far away, that you can see your attain on the channel list three times.
If you no longer type with passable punctuation, capitalization, or terrible sentences.
If your freeloader modes are +iws and the +s to the same extent you don't feel right without it.
If you don't pass on your girlfriend's first name.
If your real life girlfriend gets on IRC to the same extent it's the only way to be you.
If you pass on which servers are crucial hubs in *.tw
If you use words like "lame", "leet", "haxor" and "fuxor" in real life.
If you find yourself wishing that bitch communicate were on IRC so you may perhaps string her.
If you read operlists or admininfo.
If you tell your real life friends you cling to devices prior to on Saturday night as soon as you don't.
If you feel the need to talk in all caps to sure people in real life.
If your aliases.ini is over 29kb.
If your postpone is the only part of your room that you ever use (fastener the bed).
If you cling to ever put a smiley in a paper for work.
If the Jehovah's Witnesses cavity on the admittance and all you can think of do its stuff is flooding them with Pluck Combo's.
If you get a call from a telemarketer and you put the dealings down and set their mode to -v.
If you call your friend and you /invite $$1 to #Watch TV.
If you snap the babysitter OPs as soon as you go out for the night.
If you deliver to rush hour travel as lagged.
If, to avoid travel, you tell your passenger to quit for a second and convert servers.
If the word "I" is replaced in your lingo with /me.
If you swell up your provide in class and say "BRB."
If you cling to promote than three own make a note of windows departure mutually.
If you don't subscribe to a sure ISP to the same extent they don't snap free time.
If, quite of booty a set home from work, you set up your BOT to assistance it to you unconventional that night.
If you no longer cling to to stop and explain to your friends what "RE ALL" stratagem.
If you begin to say hehehe or LOL quite of smiling.
If you don't snooze at night to the same extent you endure up too late thinking of a title to your new script.
If your upper limit primitive files on your hard motivation are in your mIRC directory.
If you observable fact that: "Where on earth may perhaps I edit the popups of my Windows95?"
If you worth all day submitting your script to script records.
If you cling to promote than 5 mIRC scripts installed in your depot.
If you are waiting all day in IRC for your IRC girlfriend to log on.
If you pass on, and use mostly, promote than 10 contrasting ways to smile in AscII item.
If you cry as soon as you see promote than 3 quit messages with two servers out of action as the break.
If, as soon as accessory says "what did you say?", you approximately "scroll up!"
If you sneak to the depot in the foundation of the night to get in promote IRC time.
If, as soon as accessory complains about your dealings being engaged, you say it was off the hook.
If you change nicks so far away that you cling to to type /me to see who you are.
If you would somewhat tell people your bloodshot eyes are from too far away revelry quite of the exactness.
If you put on captivating mood music when talking to sure people in own chats.
If your friends on IRC were supervisor your real life friends on your Christmas card list.
If you find yourself involved in channel politics on IRC.
If you ever turned down real hugs for {{hugs}} from IRC friends.
If you cling to really aloof up with ten conversations at one time.
If you impediment your commencing so you can keep your write down.
If you cling to ever written a pen and paper letter and twitch it overwhelming to do without the smileys.
If you don't orderly worry answering the dealings anymore.
If you're out of coins and your modem breaks down, you go to the streets to sell your threads to get a new modem.
If you're unforced to hazard a divorce to the same extent your wife doesn't like the time you worth on the depot.
If you are high-pitched to mIRC's author about the 30kb regulate in the popups.
If you are contented as soon as you list accessory as Aggressor or a Haunt.
If you go to #CyberSex as soon as you are horny.


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