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What Are Dreams Messages From A Spirit

What Are Dreams Messages From A Spirit

You are happily in slumber as images begin to flit across your mind's eye. A woman is sitting with you at a kitchen table with sun glinting through the windows. Suddenly, you realize that the person you are talking to in your dream is your deceased aunt or you notice that the windows are near the floor instead of higher up on the wall and they are misshapen. Ah, you begin to comprehend that you are dreaming. You may feel great emotion in seeing your aunt or you may become fearful or you may just think, "This is only a dream," and you wake up. You have experienced a lucid dream.

You are in an old building and rain is pouring down outside. You leave the building and begin walking down the road to a rundown shack nearby. You go inside and find a young man around eleven years old. He is a different race than you. You want to honor him and feel love and compassion for him. He is happy to see you and seems to look up to you almost as though he idolizes you. You wake up. As you write down notes about your dream you realize this entire dream was in black and white.

The above two examples are vastly different from one another, but the same person can easily have both of these dreams. In fact, it is quite possible for these two dreams to occur within the same night for the same person.

The whole concept of dreaming - lucidly or non-lucidly, prophetically or non-prophetically - can be quite fascinating for some people. Yet, for others they simply feel utterly confused or even frightened by their dreams. Many people do not even believe that they dream because, after all, they do not remember their dreams upon waking. Yet, it has been scientifically proven that as we move through the sleep cycle each night we all dream. We move through four stages of sleep. When we fall asleep we enter stage one, and though the brain is still quite active, it is becoming less active. As we progress to stage two through four our heart rates, breathing, and brain activity continually slow down. Stages three and four are called slow-wave sleep (SWS). In these stages the sensory organs are no longer sending constant input as they do when we are in waking consciousness; therefore, the brain waves show synchronization of many cells. After stage four we move back through stages three and two, then go into REM (rapid eye movement). The REM stage is the most likely period of sleep in which we will produce dreams or when our level of consciousness is able to open the doorway to dreams. Even though we all move through these stages of sleep, typically, and therefore we all dream, it is very common for us to not remember our dreams. Instead, as we wake up they may hang around the edges of our awareness briefly only to evaporate back into the ether.

Okay. Great. So, western science has proven that we all dream. And, it has shown that our physical bodies are connected to our dreams in some manner. What traditional science cannot discover or prove is where dreams come from, why we have them, or what they mean. This is because dreams come from the spiritual dimension. They may be mixed with daytime residue, but the daytime residue is likely only used as symbols within the dreams so that we may be able to relate more easily to the meaning of the dream while in our human form.

Dreams are messages from Spirit, from our Soul, from the Divine. They are meant to be explored, but they are not meant to cause us any undue stress. You can explore your dreams and work with your dreams on your own or with the help of a coach. Either way, dream work can open you to a vast amount of fascinating insights into yourself and your Soul.

Janelle Alex, M.Msc. is co-founder of Inward Oasis,, with her husband, Rob Alex. She is an International Media Host and offers Relationship Coaching, Sacred Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, and Dream Exploration. She holds degrees in psychology as well metaphysics. She is also certified in Reiki. Ms. Alex believes that a committed relationship can have a deep spiritual connection. She, along with her husband, help couples expand upon their relationship by accessing their combined energy and their spirituality as a couple as well as individuals.

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